John '71 K20 Rustbucket

The tire placement is nothing compared to the inconvenience that another option listed on that page would have caused:

Saturn people were weird. And cheap. In college I worked as a service writer for the Saturn dealer in Warwick RI. The dealership had a get together every month for the folks who’d just bought a new car there - nothing fancy but they brought in catering for it. The same people kept showing up month after month, until Read more

And just think of the ongoing expenditure of buying OEM Lucas replacement wiring harness smoke... it’s getting harder and harder to find every year, and the cheap Asian knockoff replacement smoke just doesn’t work as well.
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Because, even a British toaster will leak oil. Read more

And the easy reaction here is always to shame people for taking on loans they ultimately can’t afford...”
It’s not okay to shame people for making poor financial decisions. Even the king of no debt ever, Dave Ramsey doesn’t do that. Financial mistakes (everybody makes them) cost money, and that money is just a Read more

My favorite way of warming up that I’ve seen is when they put a pile of sticks underneath the engine and light it on fire and let it heat up everything. It’s entirely Russian.

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Use of the word “shall” is common in regulatory guidelines and is used to indicate a firm requirement.  Whereas the word “should” indicates a recommendation or suggestion. Read more

If that is true, and since it is being reported in a British tabloid [especially the grauniad, which has an agenda on this] that is doubtful, then it is a massive step in the right direction. Just as long as it isn’t proprietary tech.
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If you are Shrek size and shape like me, Duluth is one of the few reliable companies that provide clothing that fits the big man.
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Trailers are a whole different thing. They will do those by mail, and they are stupid cheap to register, no excise tax to deal with. Cars, not so much. Read more

“Daddy, the top came off...”

I bought a scratched frost free freezer to replace a freezer that I was tired of thawing every 3 months since I kept it in the garage. There was nothing wrong with it except having to defrost it to defrost it too often. Read more

And yet you did come here, read this, and take the time to comment. Shouldn’t you be out working, on your own, POS?”

All the nuance is found in the correct punctuation. Read more

David’s adventures with beaters are virtually the only thing on Jalopnik that DOESN’T irritate at least half the audience. Read more

YES I GIVE A SHIT! Don’t be an asshole! Many jalopniks live just for the “WTF is he gonna do next to top this shitbox?” with Dave. He actually teaches us a lot of useful tips in discussing how he approaches his challenges. If nothing else we follow for the Schadenfreude! Read more

I think Ford restyled the Granada with the single rectangular headlights just for the sake of having a car with single rectangular headlights, which were newly legal in the US in 1977. Probably the same reason the Pontiac Ventura became the Phoenix. Read more

Palate cleanser

I may not be able to tell if the car is operable from Public property.“
This is a good public servant doing his duty and not being an ass. Read more

A former supervisor had this book in his office and recommended it to me. Read more