Mr. Feeney's Blazer
6/13/21 10:53PM

It’s the whole “Buy yourself into being able to create the things you fantasize about doing but will never really follow through” thing.

6/10/21 12:11AM

I feel like there is a difference between “this movie needs more dark-skinned afro-latinx characters to truly represent the diversity of the latinx experience in Washington Heights” vs “this movie purposely excluded dark-skinned latinx to push an intentional colorist agenda”. Read more

6/09/21 4:54PM

Okay, I’ll bite. Out of a cast of four leads: 1 lead, or 25% of the main cast, is a dark-skinned black man (Corey Hawkins). He’s not Latinx - but this is still a film where non-light-skinned, black folks are represented. 1 lead, or another 25%, identifies as Afro-Latinx (Leslie Grace), and is Dominican. Yes, she is Read more

5/27/21 1:59PM

See now I was told by a very reliable source that seeing a child wearing a facemask was cause for calling CPS. I think you must’ve forgotten that one.

5/19/21 1:48PM

You’re in luck because I am making a conscious effort to cover more fish in general. The albumin thing is a good blog idea!

5/19/21 1:42PM

I agree Claire, and this is good advice for pretty much any seafood. I would actually love to see more articles about cooking fish on this website. We have made a conscious effort to eat more fish in our house, but I’m still relatively new to cooking it. I have been cooking salmon a lot, and a lot of the time I have Read more

4/28/21 3:22PM

Live a summer in central or south Texas and get back to us.

3/04/21 5:44PM

I always try to say, “I’m trying to eat better for my diabetes” rather than saying I am bad because I ate a donut or drank a Coke. I grew up with a mom who was always dieting and trying to lose weight, so I try to be mindful of how I think about food.

3/03/21 12:38PM

I almost included a paragraph about the idea that a single food cannot be “fattening” but decided to go easy on my poor angry brain today. 

2/22/21 10:39AM

Interesting: my 16:9 vertical is a 32" so I don’t have much issue with editing word docs with comments (not sure about eye height - always seemed fine to me). It is also great for certain excel files depending on how they are set up. For my main monitor I guess I could trade my 21:9 for two 3:2's but I’d still not be Read more

2/04/21 5:04PM

So, the real question is, do the baby foods contain more or less of these metals than the food and produce you buy in store and eat yourself every day? Read more

12/10/20 6:47PM

You can’t spell Parler without TWO R’s. = GeoRge SoRos! And what is his favorite food? Pizza! = PIZZAGATE! Which was ALSO Jeffrey Epsteins LAST MEAL BEFORE HE WAS POISONED by the CLINTONs = Deep State! All on the SAME DAY THE VACCINES ARE APPROVED for Bill Gates to track and control our bodily fluids. Also Chemtrails.