John the Wet Blanket
10:58 AM

What is with this phone. I type in words, and for the most part the phone suggests words that make sense. But sometimes, mostly at the beginning of a sentence, it doesn’t have a clue and I type out the whole word, and then I hit the space bar, and then the word I typed out gets replaced by another word, or total

12:13 PM

This is what it looks like when the response to police violence is more police violence

10:04 AM

It’s cold here today (67 F or 19.5-ish C); bright and clear with a brisk wind. I’m all layered up with a turtleneck and heavy Aran sweater. Read more

12:43 PM

restaurant owners are mad that the governor extended the ban on dine-in service into June

12:19 PM

This is the peony blooming out front, and it’s late. Usually two things happen: 1) the flowers start to bloom by the first week of May, and 2) right after they do, the last snowstorm of the season tramples all over it and flattens it out. This is the first year in maybe 7 years where that hasn’t happened (because

7:45 AM

Yesterday I splurged and bought a bag of King Arthur Flour at the supermarket. It was last bag of King Arthur left though there were still plenty of bags of the less expensive store brand flour that I usually buy. But the skillet bread I made yesterday and this morning’s pancake came out better than my usual results

6:50 AM

The Postal Service workweek runs from Saturday to Friday so my supervisor gave me today (the last day of this week) off and also Saturday and Sunday (the first two days of next week) so I have a long weekend without taking any extra days off.

7:39 PM

Even for someone whose wackodrugs bestow nightly weird/bad dreams upon, I had a slew of doozies last night. Definitely gonna need a nap this arvo to sleep off last night’s sleep.