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I can endorse the hikes to both Cooper’s Rock and the Dolly Sods wilderness area hikes in West Virginia. Dolly Sods North hike in particular is spectacular. Read more

I’m about to further my descent into letting machines ruin me. And to the dear readers who asked, yes, I’m about to tie the knot! Read more

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Project Farm on YouTube tests all sorts of stuff. Here is the video for battery jump packs:

I’m probably going to get mauled for this, but a teriyaki marinade with a touch of grated ginger and garlic added should do the trick. I’ve never experimented with it, so right now it’s theoretical, but I think it’s at least a decent substitution. A lot of the flavor is also in the slaw, so it’s sort of an overall Read more

If you are going for sauce on top the best version is the Detroit pizza.

Was always more of a Bissli fan, especially the Onion and BBQ flavors.
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Oooooh, that’s a great idea! That would make a SICK weekly feature! Thank you for the suggestion! Read more

I sent mine in April and am expected, according to the website, on the 25th of August. Lucky duck. Read more

In case anyone forgot, Claire is the fucking best. Read more

Oh hell yeah. Za’atar rules. Read more

shin black is very good stuff. its not 50c but its worth the price. i considered getting some last night but then went with an uno pizza. Read more