John Q. Public
4/01/21 5:34PM

Project Farm on YouTube tests all sorts of stuff. Here is the video for battery jump packs:

2/25/21 1:43PM

I’m probably going to get mauled for this, but a teriyaki marinade with a touch of grated ginger and garlic added should do the trick. I’ve never experimented with it, so right now it’s theoretical, but I think it’s at least a decent substitution. A lot of the flavor is also in the slaw, so it’s sort of an overall Read more

1/06/21 9:58AM

Was always more of a Bissli fan, especially the Onion and BBQ flavors.

11/17/20 12:15PM

Oooooh, that’s a great idea! That would make a SICK weekly feature! Thank you for the suggestion!

8/22/20 12:28AM

I sent mine in April and am expected, according to the website, on the 25th of August. Lucky duck.

2/13/20 1:58PM

shin black is very good stuff. its not 50c but its worth the price. i considered getting some last night but then went with an uno pizza.