John Q. Public
May 4

A venti (medium?) regular black coffee in a grande (large?) cup. I didn’t want to fill the remainder with cream and sugar from the bar, I just didn’t want the coffee sloshing around as much in the car. You’d have thought I was ordering in Latin or something from the blank stares I got...

Apr 29

I love my Aeropress, but I’d be a bit concerned about a “professional barista” who suggests they can produce a good cold brew in two minutes with one. By definition, the cold brew has to steep over time (and absent heat!) to extract the flavors of the coffee. Two minutes in an Aeropress will not achieve enough contact Read more

Apr 23

@Marnie, I’ll see your Pizza Hut buffet and raise you the Wendy’s Superbar. That collection of high-cholesterol, high-fat, random food items like salad, chili, spaghetti, and garlic bread still makes me smile when I recall it. I think they all disappeared by the early 90's or so?

Apr 7

Does it have to involve driving? Back in ‘99 I took the train from Windsor to Montreal and while I was seated with their staff, the bulk of the passengers were pre-teen girls who were traveling for a regional basketball tournament. 12 were excited that they dozens others sulked because they lost, and *all* of them Read more

Mar 24

I had some unexpected dental surgery earlier this year and was in the same boat. I found that pre-made fruit smoothies were great to have on-hand. There are plenty of flavors, they had plenty of vitamins/minerals (and some even have protein), and they could be sipped from a glass without using a straw (I was Read more

Mar 15

I rent cars for work travel several times a year. On two separate occasions the rental shitbox, er... intermediate class, seemed to come with racing slicks rather than normal tires. I had to decline both so I didn’t get to find out how well they’d perform...

Mar 1

I missed my editing window - I had found a bottle over the weekend and it turns out it’s the brand you recommended - thanks! I chose it because of the three or four prepared Korean marinades they had on the shelf this was the only one with a) pear, and b) no high fructose corn syrup in the ingredients list.

Feb 25

For those of us without a local Korean grocery store, is there any widely-available Korean marinade you recommend (or :: gulp :: an easy recipe)? My local Kroger has kimchi in the refrigerated section and one or two brands of gochujang in the Asian aisle, though I don’t believe I’ve seen any prepared bulgogi marinades.

Feb 23

I keep a bag of it around as well. It reminds me of takeout orange chicken. I usually keep it next to a bag of frozen broccoli florets. A tablespoon of chili oil and some smashed ginger makes a good poor-man’s General Tso’s chicken.

Feb 17

Doesn’t the used vehicle market also include direct sales (person-to-person, FB Marketplace, Craigslist, etc.)? I can imagine that a large chunk of sales don’t involve a dealership or their equivalent...

Feb 2

That “6" at the beginning of the price is a typo, right? Did your finger slip when you were working the number keys and accidentally hit two numbers?

Jan 27

To clarify, the “new” 27mm/f2.8 is actually a MKII version of their original 27mm/f2.8; it has the same optical arrangement though adds weather resistance and an aperture ring (the original version required setting the aperture using the camera controls). Also, the 27mm and 70-300mm listed are for Fuji’s X-series of Read more

Jan 20

Hi. Traffic engineer here. Variable speed limits may require changes to laws in different states, as well as changes to design criteria/plans/manuals. Posting a speed limit, which is a regulatory device, requires that certain standards are followed for setting the speed limit and placing the traffic control device on Read more

Dec 23

What kind of fernet did you infuse with vanilla? While the Mexican fernet (e.g. baking spices) sounds delicious, “minty-and-bourbon” sounds like the boozy equivalent of “toothpaste-and-orange-juice”.

Dec 16

We can’t forgot about the most ubiquitous and mass produced small car available in the U.S...

Dec 9

Love the idea - I often do chuck roasts or briskets sous vide (140 degrees for 24 hours is my usual plan) though I haven’t used mustard before (it’s now on my list)! Your instructions include garlic though it’s not on the ingredient list. I generally say you can’t have too much garlic but what quantity are you Read more