This explanation makes by far the most sense. This wasn’t some kid fresh from flight school bailing out of an F-16, this was a senior pilot with god-only-knows how many hours, flying our second-best plane. The plane spitting him out makes way more sense than him bailing in a wild panic without even knowing his heading. Read more

We all like looking at your girlfriend’s backside, but mirrors on the ceiling are still a bad idea.
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Also bad- the ceiling above your bed. The 70's were a LONG time ago, and besides, it might fall on your head. Read more

I guess Putin no longer has this fucking thorn in his side.  Read more

It’s too bad the group called “Republicans” are such a broad and shitty group. Read more

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Sandpaper is a mixed bag. You also have to get the angle correct otherwise it won’t cut correctly. Better to get a relatively inexpensive diamond stone. This is a video from James Wright detailing how to sharpen scissors:

If the Dems ever nominate a completely unqualified rapist who attempted a violent coup and that person gets an iron clad grip on the party through a cult of personality — and that personality happens to be vile, mean, bigoted, and almost definitely psychotic —then maybe we can both-sides this. Read more

People are either ostriching or hunkering down. Read more

Nope - I worked for ALL of it. I’d love to have a fun job writing about cars, but I like being able to afford to actually own a bunch of them, so I worked towards careers that allowed that to happen. Read more

I’ve not had money, and now I have plenty of it. I infinitely prefer to have plenty of it. As the saying goes - money may not buy happiness but you can have a lot of fun trying. Hoarding it is not really my thing, but I am naturally a bit of a cheapskate in most things. Read more

Love this nonsense. I take care of the old and sick—a job someone is always going to need to do—and I still have to work ~50 hours a week just to afford my shitty 1 bedroom and a mediocre standard of living. Read more

I don’t know if this true. Like didn’t Sandra Bullock wait until her 40s to get married? Tara Reed doesn’t seem particularly talented to me. She did show up to several red carpets high though. Read more

That’s kind of a strange claim because many people would say the opposite: that having a family is what can derail a woman’s career.
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I don’t mean to brag, but I have something in common with a Lexus. We both have tiny Speedos! Read more

Just a 20% tip? You might want to reconsider that. Read more

She should have been in jail long ago regardless of child care or health concerns. Just like anyone else. Read more

The fact that your main problem was that they were unsightly is pretty telling. Read more

Have you ever listened to Christiano Ronaldo talk? The guy is basically a moron. A lot of these European soccer players are. They get put into these pro training centers at very early ages and have little or no formal education after a certain point. They grow up in a weird bubble where the only thing that matters is Read more