Joe Michaels
10:00 PM

I mean, I guess that means something — but I’m looking forward to reading something you’ve written that’s more incisive.

9:55 PM

Yeah this article is retarded. Your response is understandable and reasonable but not very well communicated. And if you really think an adaquete reply to anyone who’s going “that’s a bad article but it’s not really representative” is “TLDR NOT ALL WHITE PEOPLE” then you’re kinda saying the exact same thing you’re Read more

9:39 PM

Black people are 14% of the population but over 50% of the violent crime offenders. Read more

12:25 AM

no Tl:DR don’t be a massive asshole. shitting on white people doesn’t help on the “winning over support” part of the cause. Or one of those fools that think beating your enemies into submission will ever pan out.

9:48 PM

His article was idiotic, but I felt your response is not being constructive, so much as it is poking fun at his lack of understanding, it’s the difference between being a journalist or a comedian. Plus saying “y’all killed him” is acting as if every white person is evil because a white man killed MLK, which is Read more

11:04 PM

God...I hate the Canadiens but even still I love P.K. Subban so much. This hit only makes it more so.

10:06 PM

The absolute 100% worst thing about Marchand isn’t even his dirty/cheap play, it’s how much of a fucking whiner he is. Even on this, the most obvious and clear of slashes/spears right between the legs in retaliation for a cross check and right in front of a ref, Marchand literally stays behind the play and skates Read more

2:29 PM

I mean, if I needed a new laptop and money was no object I would very seriously consider buying a new MacBook and loading Windows 10 on it. Would never boot into MacOS because I prefer Windows, but Apple does make some fine hardware. Read more

1:52 PM

You’re missing the concept of an “economic ecosystem”. If you take taxes, paid for by the public, and you use them to build a tax-exempt stadium, you’ve removed money from the public, made the public poorer, and made a millionaire richer. You can erect as many paper walls as you want, it doesn’t change those facts.

1:49 PM

“can you imagine what Detroit would look like today without all of the investment Illitch and Olympia have poured in over the last 20 years?” Read more

12:41 PM

I would argue that the author DOES see that, and it’s pretty plain in his piece. This is not a hit job on Ilitch, but more of a analysis of the complicated nature of a rich man doing what’s best for him while it also benefits a struggling city.

12:49 PM

When you say partisan news networks, is that similar to all of the news networks that only contained articles about Trump’s hurtful words instead of Clinton’s acts of treason? The same ones that had Clinton winning the election by 10%? Are those similar? Or do they not fit your agenda?

9:45 AM

He was protesting the prior call for boarding

9:42 AM

I like that when the guy picked up the puck the dog looked ready to make a grab for it. I would have loved if he’d thrown the puck and the dog took off after it dragging his handler with him. And then, of course, skidding along the ice because he doesn’t have traction.

1:58 PM

Reader John is a dick. Why harass some overworked minimum wage grunts who get disrespected and shat on every day by the public ? Where's the big victory in fucking with the underdog? 'Aw ho ho I got you good, you fuckers!' This is bullying. It sounds like a great prank to the other middle class white collar fatcats Read more