It’s more that the actual design of the Smasher fight was underwhelming. His attacks were really basic and easy to avoid and for some reason, CDPR decided to add random enemies to the fight when it really should have just been 1v1. Read more

Larian’s character creation tool is pretty extensive Read more

All NPCs now scale to your level. Enemy difficulty is no longer dependent on what area of Night City you’re in. Read more

Steam doesn’t use NFTs or a blockchain. They use a regular old database, which is a far better tool for this sort of thing.
Read more

You don’t need NFTs or blockchain to run a closed market for skins or whatever.  Read more

I’ve gotten into arguments here before about that with GamePass. I find it a great value and I’ve played way more games than I would have otherwise. I’ve always just seen it as a Netflix for games. But then comparing it Netflix I’d always get the argument that they’re not the same things. Read more

its not really guaranteed since most games for the last 4 or 5 years dint even contain all the game data on the disk anyway. Most contain only a little of the data on it and most of it has to be downloaded Read more

I don’t know if you noticed this, but you can’t just put a game into a console and play anymore. Everything requires installation regardless of having a disc. The disc itself is just proof you bought it. It just tells whoever is delivering the content that you are authorized to download it. We went full digital a long Read more

Really? That’s it? You’re just out and going to never buy another new game or console again? Okay then. Read more

I don’t think I’ve had a disc drive on my PCs for almost a decade now. Read more

This feels like fake outrage because its Microsoft. Next. Read more

The thing with preservation after the xb360 and ps3 is that most games are downloaded anyway. Once those authentication servers go down, most of the games aren’t on disc anyway; a lot of games cannot be played with the day one patch; etc. There are already existing issues for game preservation that aren’t being Read more

For big companies, you just know that everything can become public at any moment, and you preach that to your employees, so it is not surprising that a lot of this back and forth is mostly business with a couple of jokes. Read more

Improved reparability and thumbsticks is a great change on the controller. Read more

I’m less excited about the Xbox Series Slim than I am for that controller. Read more

Au contrere mon frère! I LOVE the idea of a unique cryptid, which adds to the appeal and quest-like nature of getting this special Ursaluna. For ages, there have been myths about super-large and super aggressive bears in Alaska, and the native people associate different concepts to each. In more recent times, we have Read more

Far be it from me to let a corporation off the hook for a scummy business practice, it’s definitely shitty of them to squeeze another $30 for a problem they literally just invented and try to reverse-psychology us into thinking it’s a bonus. Read more

Delete this article for making us visualize Elon and his romantic partners. Read more

I was onboard with 30xx as the first game mentioned, but then you had to drop OW2 into the mix? REJUVINATE THE SOUL?!??!?!?! OW2 is THE example of a good game gone bad, and even when it was more popular it was well known as the place you go to get flamed by your teammates. What a joke Read more