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Jul 30

I am a Springfield, MO resident and I am ecstatic. The area I live is just out of reach from any fiber or copper based internet, I can’t even get a DSL connection. My only viable ‘broadband’ internet option is a local fixed wireless company where I currently pay $200/month for a 6 Mbps connection. Those are not typos, Read more

Jul 21

Once upon a time I played guardian to a younger sibling and her fat cat. The vet said my elderly cat, and her fat one needed more activity. He also said they needed something to improve moving the hair in their system. Read more

Jul 10

Good observation: discrete chips from another source might not even be compatible anymore, so a moot point? Or maybe Apple will have their own discrete GPUs? (Now that would be news ;-) ... Read more

Jun 29

No worries. I usually don’t point out typo’s, but I work with video editing, and that one just jumped out at me.

Thank you for the outstanding review, regardless.

May 21

If you hate the glasses, you’re going to be super pissed that the answer to your “how do they fit that tech into some wire-rimmed glasses” question is that they don’t. Read more

May 19

lol. Comments are exactly as expected. Brand partisan nerd rage speculation with a dash of man-splaining. Joanna should have picked “the best” console without explaining any methodology in the article, then sat back to watch the comment section spontaneously combust.

May 19

Given how many devoted 360 owners were converted to PS4, that’s not quite so true. The most extreme fanboys will likely never be swayed, but stuff like this DOES matter.

Mar 13

Thanks for the response! I’ve got no idea about any of that either, just curious. And yeah, I guess the benefit of being known is greater than the risk of being discovered.