Joanna Nelius
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Jun 24

True that CISC processors today makes use of execution pipelines that are more RISC-like, but keeping it as simple as possible for those who are less familiar with CPU architecture, x86 is, on the front-end, CISC. In reality, the lines between CISC and RISC are more blurred today, yet there are still fundamental Read more

Jun 24

Totally agree with you about the chips being good for daily drivers. If there’s anything I gleaned from comparing basic CPU benchmarks for A12Z and Intel/AMD its that the power is there, but we won’t know exactly how Apple’s A12Z-PC variant is going to run once the first Macbook Pro (or maybe another device) hits Read more

Jun 16

That’s totally true when it comes to the higher wattage PSU. My local Micro Center only had 500W and 650W ones in stock a few weeks ago. Hopefully the shortage ends soon.

Jun 11

That’s exactly why I clean off the pre-applied past to any cooler before using it, not to mention there’s usually way too much applied. I used Arctic’s MX-4 thermal compound for both CPUs in my testing.

Jun 4

If you can afford it, then yeah it’s cheap for a gaming laptop. But if you’re out of work, yeah no it’s hella expensive. Definitely not out of touch with reality.

Jun 3

For a new gaming laptop compared to everything else out there? It’s pretty cheap.

Jun 3

To be clear, it’s not a consistent 112 C. I used HWMonitor Pro to record core temps, power usage, etc. and saw some cores spike to 112 C every so often, but the average temp was 100-105 C, as I mentioned in my review.

May 26

Oh man, I wish that was an option! Although much of that music I’m no longer into, so much of what I do listen to these days I’ve already added to my library throughout the years a little at a time.