Nov 19

The previous BRZs required drilling into the bumper, but not really, if you find some strong enough magnets. I did this to install the front plate on my 2018 and it worked great. The magnets are strong, really strong, so I’m not at all worried about the plate falling off. And when I wash the car it comes off in Read more

Oct 6

Electrek just reported that Tesla dissolved its PR Department. So your emails are just going into the bit bucket and no one will ever respond.

Oct 1

Companies also have a legal obligation not to mislead the public as to the capabilities of their products. (Plenty of case law around this - TBH, I’m surprised the families of people who have been killed in Autopilot accidents haven’t sued Tesla’s ass off yet) Read more

Sep 18

E150? Lol. They called the commercial half ton Econoline vans that for, I’m guessing: more years than you’ve been alive.

Sep 15

Are there any road legal cars where the steering wheel is physically disconnected from the steering rack? It would be more accurate to say the power steering assist mechanism is largely electric these days.

Sep 14

Considering many of the sponsors of race teams also buy off politicians I’d say wearing anything with the sponsor’s logo is a political statement.

Sep 6

Typos happen, motherfucker. And your post ain't exactly Shakespeare.