Sep 18

E150? Lol. They called the commercial half ton Econoline vans that for, I’m guessing: more years than you’ve been alive.

Sep 15

Are there any road legal cars where the steering wheel is physically disconnected from the steering rack? It would be more accurate to say the power steering assist mechanism is largely electric these days.

Sep 14

Considering many of the sponsors of race teams also buy off politicians I’d say wearing anything with the sponsor’s logo is a political statement.

Sep 6

Typos happen, motherfucker. And your post ain't exactly Shakespeare.

Sep 2

It’s kind of remarkable how the first 8 months of 2020 were 30 years long, but here we are.

Aug 30

A quarter of US citizens identify as having no faith. Sfoop declares a quarter of citizens as non-Americans. Problematic.

And religion is something private, not to be shown off in public, or paraded around like a badge:

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Aug 24

Are you new here or something?   This is like bread and butter to most of us.

Aug 20

“Your Used Car Is Probably Worth More Than You Think” Read more

Aug 19

I take it as a compliment. I actually care about the welfare of other human beings? Why thank you!
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Jun 2

You probably should have filed this one to the Hot Takes Department, Justin.

Jun 1

So I’ve got 15-20 on that truck. Well, closer to 15 on that one, because as a manual, it doesn’t have the transmission coolers or cooler lines that an automatic would have.
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Jun 1

I’ma go out on a limb here and predict you’re going to get lots of petulant, pissy pushback for this post from Jalops who think you shouldn’t be political. Read more

May 31

Ah, yes, because if there’s one thing we’ve all learned over the last few weeks, it’s that the cops can be trusted to do the right thing.

Apr 8

It’s also bringing out the dreaded autoplay video.   Which, really, is the worst crime of them all.