Tuesday 2:03PM

Every time a Tesla stan kisses Elon’s digital taint, Koenigsegg earns another patent. 

Monday 12:53PM

I’m from Ohio and I do not approve of Ohio. 

6/10/21 9:35PM

*When properly equipped with equipment that doesn’t exist yet. 

My car will go 200 MPH when properly equipped with a bigger engine and a pair of turbochargers.

6/04/21 3:34PM

the 40 ads per page, the fact i have to reload my browser every slide, and the fact this can easily be compiled into a non slide show are all reasons. 

5/09/21 2:38PM

As a Tesla owner and user of the FSD package and autopilot, I am always shocked when I see people using it recklessly. I saw a video the other day of someone in the back seat of a Model 3! That is suicidal. My car has totally not seen large concrete walls and road debris (eg freakin’ chairs in the road). Not to Read more

5/08/21 8:29PM

Yeah, not sure I can Stan cheaping out on safety equipment, especially of the “doing my part to keep everyone else on the road safe”. Read more

5/08/21 2:11PM

For me snow tires are not about going. They are about stopping, and not having to crawl around at 5mph in the snow because you can’t stop on inappropriate tires. 

5/07/21 10:54PM

13. 13 DT. You own a baker’s dozen. I love you, but you are officially a hoarder my man.

5/07/21 6:11PM

I think Bradley wins. Has the required fun (yet not always operational) cars, has a toe dipped in the EV arena, and clearly the most useful and reliable vehicle, the TourX, to safely cart the family around in. Read more