11/21/20 12:12AM

And the original gets points for being a pretty pointed critique about Eurocentrism and colonialist folly, given the year it was released, and what was going on in the British Empire. Read more

11/20/20 8:31PM

I had the same reaction. The book reads more like a novelization of the film, flat and half-baked.

11/20/20 4:06PM

Honestly, this is one of those films that, no matter the intent, should never be remade. I am literally peeling from memory original films that were remade that should never have been attempted: Rebecca, Psycho, Casablanca, Lady for a Day, Lost Horizon, Red Dust, Around the World in 80 Days, Time Machine, The Women, Read more

11/20/20 1:37PM

Jean Simmons’ casting is basically the only way Black Narcissus is dated. If you’ve read the book you know that all the nun characters were quite racist. They confined those sentiments to Sister Ruth for the movie, as she is the villain. Pretty woke for 1947. The book was Godden’s first and while it was a bestseller Read more

11/20/20 1:21PM

Ever since I heard this announced and saw the screenshot of their recreation of the bell ringing shot, my thought’s been that the very people who’d have any potential interest in a Black Narcissus remake are people who know they’d just as well rewatch Black Narcissus.

11/14/20 3:41PM

I’ve never heard that about Publick and Hammer, but you might be thinking of Roiland and Harmon and Rick and Morty.

I think part of the secret to the charm of Venture Bros. is Adult Swim was smart enough to never set any hard deadlines at all.

9/08/20 11:36AM

Seriously. I normally don’t like shows to just go on and on, but the Venture Brothers is a gem of creative, non-stagnant, characters, hilariously overly complicated continuity, obscure yet clever pop culture gags, and a constant impulse to obliterate its own status quo. Read more

8/13/20 2:14AM

It shouldn’t have. The girl in her house and Sebastian never met, so there was no reason for her to think that. Meanwhile every other character who knew about him were constantly throwing on the thermal goggles to check if he was around.

8/12/20 8:20PM

So many of Paul Verhoeven’s films were prescient. Robocop about the takeover by big business of prisons, space travel and satellites, police and well, everything. Starship Troopers and war and blind patriotism ... and definitely whole lot more in these films of his and others.

8/12/20 7:50PM

Ppretty much Verhoeven's entire body of work can be considered an examination of toxic masculinity, particularly some of his Dutch language films. Even the supposed heroes in some of these are pretty nasty.

8/12/20 4:45PM

Doesn't the formula make the animals they test it on go crazy, or am I misremembering things? 

7/10/20 9:56PM

I think Kahn is really wonderful in Judy Berlin. It isn't a widely seen movie. I don't even know how to see it now. I remember renting it from Hollywood Video oh-so-long-ago. But 20 years later, I remember her performance more than anything else in that movie. 

7/09/20 4:56PM

The more I hear about “cancelled people,” the more I think cancel culture should be a thing.

7/09/20 4:31PM

That’s exactly the point. Cancel culture doesn’t exist. These (mostly) thin-skinned people just feel they shouldn’t be criticized. It’s such a lame take.

7/09/20 4:26PM

These so-called cancelled people still produce works, yes? And when they open their mouths, they make the news, yes? As far as I know, they can still make money in some other capacity, yes? Read more

6/30/20 4:11PM

“We’re setting up a community council, made up of beta participants of all playstyles from casual to highly competitive players, who we’ll be working especially closely with Read more

6/30/20 4:10PM

I guarantee the idea for Amazon to make video games came from the a guy who figured you could apply the AmazonBasics brand to Call of Duty or whatever and make money.