11/20/20 1:37PM

Jean Simmons’ casting is basically the only way Black Narcissus is dated. If you’ve read the book you know that all the nun characters were quite racist. They confined those sentiments to Sister Ruth for the movie, as she is the villain. Pretty woke for 1947. The book was Godden’s first and while it was a bestseller Read more

7/09/20 7:20PM

That’s a ridiculous comparison. Did Hester Prynne have a billion dollars and access to speak in national media whenever it suited her? Were any of these people shunned by the current legal system as she was? Media and government have been cancelling people for years and nobody says a word. These letter signers and Read more

2/22/20 6:59PM

Hi it’s me, the person who actually saw and liked Ma. For me it fits a beloved paradigm: Ocsar winning/nominated actress over 40 cuts loose and chews scenery in a horror film. A Grand Tradition begat by Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. Although it could have been more political, I related to Ma’s theme of growing up Read more

8/30/19 3:39PM

Yes, Season 4 (Season 2 over here, the one with Francis, Kimberly and Ruby,) started with 13 contestants, it’s nothing new for them.

7/17/19 6:02PM

Sanders tweeted and spoke about the Amazon strike multiple times. If you can’t see this is a pitiful gotcha by a site that should know better than to wade into these waters, then I don’t know what to tell you.

7/17/19 5:40PM

Kotaku posted and tweeted out links to Amazon during the strike as well.

6/12/19 8:39PM

But that’s not what you said in your original comment, you said it made no sense to get upset.

6/12/19 5:56PM

But that’s exactly my point, we have no idea if the bigotry is condoned or not and with the history we know, it’s questionable.

6/12/19 4:48PM

That really isn’t the point. Some people don’t want to play games full of bigotry. And people who are the targets of that bigotry don’t enjoy being told what they shouldn’t be offended or concerned by. Especially by people outside of the group in question. The game is based on a tabletop game that already has built-in Read more

3/26/19 5:55PM

I guess I thought it was clear that I was referring to the type of AAA games that thrive on this kind of visual. I do not agree that that type of game is the best it’s ever been. They’re mostly awful carbon copies of each other, churned out by comittee, and have less to say than ever before. I agree there are many Read more

3/24/19 7:15PM

At some point photorealism will be achieved, the obsession will end and game makers will have no choice but to focus on making games fun and interesting again, and I can’t wait for that day.

2/28/19 12:54PM

This is the kind of review for Crackdown 3 I’ve been waiting to see. Almost every review I’ve read says things like “Lackluster multiplayer!” and “No story!” These are clearly people who do not understand what Crackdown is or why people still love the original game. I have been praying that the developers have Read more

10/01/18 7:40AM

Looks good but the pedant in me has to know...are there really fields of corn in the game? ‘Cause there was no modern corn in that time and place. The roman and greek words for corn referred to grain. Corn is a Native American creation of breeding and would not have existed in Greece.

8/27/18 9:59AM

So..did nobody ask Spike about the money he got from the NYPD? Seems relevant here.

7/28/18 12:31PM

I fully support cultural appropriation arguments in most cases. It’s true that Black trends rarely get the money, credit and publicity they deserve until a white person makes it popular. But I don’t know about this one. I’ve seen white women with crazy nails all my life, since I was a child, and I’m 43 now. The Read more

7/18/18 1:45PM

Where did I call for zero representation? I literally said the opposite. You are choosing not to see the issue here, I laid it out for you. The Apu movie lays it out for you. Of course Apu exposed people to Hindi culture. The problem is it’s the only exposure.

7/18/18 1:07PM

And baby oil is made from babies... Did you watch the film? Sounds like you didn’t. I’m not suggesting more Apu-like characters, obviously.

7/18/18 12:22PM

You miss the point entirely. The unhappiness is about under-represented communities, not these details you throw up as a straw man. The “criticism” of Apu is barely criticism of the character at all but rather pointing out that when your only representation in American pop culture is a stereotype, the dominant (white) Read more