Oct 29 2019

It’s just a bit hypocritical because the car probably is better than it would be without BMW‘s participation.

Oct 29 2019

I think the problem here is that you can’t actually market this thing to people who don’t know about cars. There’s no wool-pulling. It’s not like the Urus (I finally have an excuse to drive a Lambo!) or some heritage-laden tweedmobile (Careful with the Jag, darling).

Lots of car names became famous to normies for Read more

Oct 28 2019

I don’t think I need to explain why sitting in a MINI is preferable to sitting in a Nissan. 

Oct 24 2019

Getting rich people on to insanely fast sport bikes is another step towards eating them, so i’m on board for this.

Oct 23 2019

So everybody in Editorial is mad about this too. Besides the fact that it looks terrible, we have to actually work in Kinja all day long. Read more

Sep 12 2019

I have a snap-on visor for highway miles, but I rip it off when I get on the back roads at anything below 55. It’s just better.

I always look like a goon, whether I’m riding a motorcycle or not. I don’t give a fuck. 

Sep 10 2019

I used to go there before the Semaphore burnt down..

Aug 21 2019

I hate it when a company threatens to do X if I do Y, and I agree to it. And then I do Y and the company does X. The worst.

Jul 9 2019

I, too, get mad when I pour my passion and soul into something and then someone comes along and makes my work look like the cheap Korean knock off version.