Jun 2 2017

It’s critical to think about what you’re retiring to, not just what you’re retiring from.

May 17 2017

My strategy, as an amply-heighted individual, is to get in and wedge my knees behind the seat (because they’re going to be wedged somewhere). When the person in front tries to recline the seat won’t move because there’s not sufficient space. Usually they try once or twice and then give up. Read more

May 17 2017

I think recliners should at least assess the situation behind them first. My 6'9" husband shouldn’t have to pay a tall tax to keep his knees from being mauled.

May 10 2017

I have always seen insurance in general, essentially, as a way of betting against your own good fortune. Like life insurance. Did I die this month? No? Ok, I lost the bet. Time to send this month’s wager to the insurance company. Read more

Apr 19 2017

I hope I can help. I lived in New Zealand for a year and learned some lessons the hard way. Foreign countries do not test tourists. The international permit is all you need. Here are my pointers: Read more

Apr 3 2017

Also look at how to change your other habits to set yourself up for success instead of failure. If your habit is to go to the mall and IKEA every weekend then maybe instead go to the gym and workout both days off. Probably would be too tired to want to go out and spend afterwards. I find it’s a lot harder to blow Read more

Mar 29 2017

In my mind, my first question was, “Is that $1 MM pre or post-tax?”, and then, “At what age would I get that $1 MM?”

Mar 23 2017

If you’re spending 20-30 years paying off undergraduate student loans, then you have some combination of going to the wrong school to study the wrong thing. Getting a liberal arts degree at a private research institution (and I’m talking about myself here, having studied medieval history at an east coast private Read more

Feb 8 2017

This is the plot of Speed 3. The bus will blow up if the team it is carrying goes below .500.

Jan 31 2017

The only people to take financial advice from are certified, fee-only, financial planners. There is no conflict of interest and they are legally required to act as fiduciaries. You can search for one here: Read more

Jan 26 2017

It is. Pretty sure that is a bad stat. The question to ask is, what is the percentage of Americans with credit cards that have credit card debt. I think that 38% includes people without credit cards, thus making it impossible for them to have CC debt.

Jan 26 2017

“Itemized deduction” doesn’t mean what you think it means. If you take an itemized deduction you save the TAXES on the amount you SPENT on interest. If you don’t spend the money on interest you get to keep ALL of it. I wish the myth that mortgages are good because their interest is deductible would die. Mortgages may Read more