Mar 31 2017

Most of this list makes a ton of sense to me and if I ever get my act together I would try to keep as much of it on hand a possible. However the two week supply of birth control struck me as funny. If there is a disaster or attack the last thing I’m doing is screwing someone until things go back to normal. Read more

Mar 31 2017

you might be correct that buying a new car was a poor decision. however if you are already in the situation the above steps could be helpful.

Dec 21 2016

Can’t imagine the shock of falling through ice. I have done polar plunges and the initial rush is shocking but its something you can prepare for and know is coming. Also you know there are EMTs nearby in case something goes wrong.
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Nov 15 2016

I can’t say I’m totally surprised by Ready for Zero being shut down. I tried to start an account their earlier this year and between having problems linking to my accounts and having the accounts update after payments were made I gave up on it. Read more

Aug 2 2016

If you need to have the conversation with your child why they are going to college they probably are not mature enough to be going to college and a community college might be a better solution, IMO. Read more

Jun 20 2016

I think this article was poorly worded. Instead of comparing paying debt to an immediate bill it should have compared it to a dinner/night out. Using bill to mean dinner/night out is misleading but in the detail of the article it somewhat clears this up. Read more