Jul 4 2016

Why, yes, I was away for like a year and then started posting obsessively looking for help (it’s the summer; indulge

Jul 3 2016

My mom’s out of the country and hasn’t reconnected her internet yet so I can’t ask her. My husband’s grandmother

Jun 2 2016

It’s 2:22, I have an all day meeting that starts in 5 hours with an executive functioning coach to talk about grade

Feb 10 2016

I may snap and kill a co-worker. He’s an asshole, he’s inappropriate, he doesn’t really do his job, and goes from

May 5 2015

FOR ALL OF YOU! It may be slightly awk since I haven’t seen you in a while, but oh well. LOVE YOU!

Mar 30 2015
Boston Meet up!!

The snow is over (I think?) and it's time to get out of our Winter Funk and into our Spring Funk.

Mar 29 2015

I've been busting my butt creating a new Hero's Journey unit (the only way to deal with a problem our admin wants to

Mar 8 2015

It's time I grow up. I keep losing my wallet, keys, glasses, make up, etc. Here's what I'm looking for:

Feb 15 2015

This latest snowstorm has resulted in super drunk Jinx (my mulled wine recipe is kick ass), who is taunting

Feb 11 2015
Snow Day Sweet!

It's the last snow day for a while! Today, I planned lessons, did my evaluation work and made a pumpkin cheesecake

Feb 10 2015
The Snow Days...

They've dragged on. Since Jan 26th, I've only had 5 days of school. I was off yesterday, today, and just got