Dec 15 2017

Ivy seems like the type to do something about a man hunting down and murdering women. I’m very much hoping she is actually setting him up and was looking for the Ripper in order to stop him.

Jan 29 2017

Gizmodo: come for the articles, stay for the figuring out where the errors in the articles are.

Jan 29 2017

Weasel or stone marten? You mention both in your article which is confusing in itself but you also treat those names as exchangeable. Those are completely different species with pretty substantial size difference (martens are at least twice the size of weasels).
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Oct 31 2016

If someone shows up in a firefighter outfit and tell you “I’m dressed as an astronaut” it makes sense to suggest that maybe they don’t know what an astronaut is. This outfit does not resemble the character of Storm at all. It looks more like a punk version of Quicksilver or maybe a photonegative Furiosa.

Oct 28 2016

You can’t possibly think they were going to throw Clinton in jail. Did they throw Petraeus in jail? This was a daft move, not a crime.

Oct 22 2016

I don’t think this is a sovereign citizen argument per se; I hear it from time to time from people who are trying to show off that they know the “real history” and are smarter than the rest of us (putting aside the fact that it is a fallacious argument for a number of reasons, the first of which is that Randolph or Read more

Oct 21 2016

This is only the umpteenth article about doomsday san fran on gawker. Cut em some slack!

Oct 21 2016

I mean, yeah, it’s possible, but vanishingly unlikely to happen. You’d be on more solid footing to worry about local dangers like asteroids, gamma ray bursts, wanderer planets, etc. Worrying about this is like being concerned about being killed by a tiger while walking around New York City.

Oct 13 2016

Imma tell you what Phoebe Robinson tells her friends when they drunk text her from a Carl’s Jr. at 11:30pm to confirm a $50 order: “Love your self, boo. Just walk away.”

Oct 13 2016

His Christmas card this year is literally just going to be a screen shot of that paragraph.