Super Nintendo Chalmers supports the GMG Union
12:11 PM

Pictures don’t do them justice.  The first one I saw in person...that is one fine looking automobile.

11:40 AM

Not gonna judge. Go nuts. Just don’t be the one driving everywhere with your foot resting on the brake just enough to keep your brake lights on 100% of the time (the tell-tale sign of the left-foot braker). That’s both annoying and not safe.

10:36 AM

That’s some good insight, I’ll admit I’m not sure where the funding is coming from. That said, I still think this is the best bang for their buck on getting more women into racing. They’re not trying to sponsor one woman on an F1 team, they’re trying to give them a place to showcase their talent in the hopes that they Read more

5:15 PM

The LS is at least as qualified as any of the motors listed here. I don’t get the LS hate. It makes good power, it’s light weight, simple. Can be easily shoe-horned into just about any chassis. Read more

3:36 PM

Let’s take a first crack at it:
DeNiro as Don Sr.
De-aged DeNiro as Don Jr.,
Blonde De-aged DeNiro as Eric.
Pacino as Giuliani.
Paul Sorvino as Barr.
Pesci as Kellyanne Conway.

9:04 AM

My G8 GT was cheap, it comfortably holds 2 car seats and a pile of gear, it’s RWD, has ~400 hp, and doesn’t have the stigma of driving a caddy or the repair bills of a BMW.

8:10 PM

The assholes in these emails aren’t in the marketing department.

11:59 AM

Immigrant cars doing the work that American cars refuse to do.

8:27 AM

I’m in the same boat. I don’t know enough about this thing to know whether this price is appropriate or not. I can’t really even assumer what this thing should cost.

8:22 AM

Cycle Trader is filled—well, maybe not filled, but they’ve got several to choose from—with K75's with original hard cases for much better deals than this. Most of them are a bit more money, but look much better cared for. Read more