Jan 8 2020

That’s a good idea too! A smoked turkey neck or wing is what I always use when in collard greens, so I bet you’re 100% right. Read more

Jan 6 2020

Awkwafina winning for The Farewell was awesome and, even better, she didn’t even use blaccent in her acceptance speech. She was great, the movie was great, the lady who portrayed her grandmother should have won something, too. Read more

Oct 25 2019

So at my job I have key responsibilities, things my employer expects me to be able to do correctly. If I mess those up, I face disciplinary action. That could be a write-up, or retraining, or potentially even termination. Read more

Oct 8 2019

Here, in Cleveland, Anthony Sowell stalked and killed black women, got away with the deeds for decades. He got away with the racial loophole that nobody would give a damn about a troubled black woman, outside of her immediate family, if she went missing. Read more

Sep 9 2019

You were. It’s both. This and Patrick Melrose - I’ve watched on as British head writers and teams have gone “This is how utterly horrible and bereft of character so-called ‘upper upper class’ people can be” and I have watched on, not just for the utter trainwreck of their behavior and their obliviousness to it, but Read more

Sep 8 2019

I loved how she called money a social construct and immediately followed it by saying integrity was something “real.”

Sep 6 2019

Buying the on-ride video for him was honestly the perfect way of saying thanks.

Aug 19 2019

Moved in December. When looking for a place to live, I frequented 480 daily. The volume of traffic can be overwhelming for some, but everyone seems to be riving in a pleasant mood. Meanwhile, it’s 55 MPH speed limit on all expressways around Chicago, and I’m getting passed and honked at for going 70.

Aug 19 2019

Moving to Cleveland from Chicago and Detroit respectively, 480 isn’t as awful as forewarned. It’s still awful, but Cleveland drivers are surprisingly modest.

Aug 13 2019

I don't drink, so some of those recommendations aren't as relevant for me as they would be for others, but I appreciate all of the good options.

Aug 7 2019

Chelsea is a true American patriot and hero, her ethics and integrity are absolute. She cannot be cowed, forced to bend the knee, or turn. She is true to her convictions in a way very few human beings ever are. Every single thing being done to her is purely punitive, she is being punished and made an example of for Read more

Aug 6 2019

I feel like this represents how I feel about dining options in Cleveland. I’m Ms. Pacman and the pellets are the restaurants.

Aug 6 2019

I’m going to be in Cleveland from the Wednesday before Labor Day to Labor Day itself. I’m going to have to bookmark this thread for recs on where to eat. My trip is mostly constructed around the Metroparks (I’m going to try to get to all of them in the six days), but if I have the time and inclination, I would love to Read more

Aug 5 2019

Things I miss about Cleveland, Polish Boy is top on the list. Followed by a Romanburger and the Parmageddon from Melt.