Apr 24 2019

Can we stop paying attention to this mediocre women’s who’s literal, actual, only job is to get people to tune in to see what asinine, backwards shit she says? Meghan McCain exists only to get blog posts about her, like this. That’s it. Read more

Apr 2 2019

Yeah, that’s bullshit. Bold patterns can look great on bigger bodies because we have the larger frame to carry them off. Bold patterns can swallow smaller frames whole.

Leopard print is my neutral.

Apr 2 2019

As a Black woman, I can’t count how many prints I’ve seen fabulously worn by other curvy or yes, fat black women. Prints and bright colors? Yes, all of that. At church, at the family reunion, parties, or to work. But now, in a time where plus size fashion is at its height, this designer who is also a black woman and Read more

Apr 2 2019

Right!? I order a lot of dresses off ModCloth because they have fantastic bold patterns for my size 14. 

Apr 2 2019

I remember a long time ago several of the designers actually making their models cry because they were plus sized. If you can’t dress a plus size woman, then you shouldn’t be a designer- that’s on you. Also, Siriano is the best thing to come out of Project Runway- (ok aside from Tin Gunn and Santinos hilarious Read more

Apr 2 2019

I was *so* glad they called her out for what she was saying about her model on the runway. She had absolutely no respect for her model and the way she spoke to/about her made me want to throw things.

Apr 2 2019

Nadine saying that she couldn’t put her “plus-size” model in a bold print made me want to die.

Apr 13 2018

Are you really arguing that white women have it harder than women of color? Let me go get you that participation trophy from the oppression olympics. Read more

Feb 15 2018

As much as I like to shit on teenagers on this site, the kids are alright. It’s the adults that are failing us.

Feb 14 2018

I have a Chihuahua rescue who is currently mad at me for a getting a job. She will no longer snuggle under the covers with me at night. Everyone else? Of course. Me? Persona non grata. Read more

Feb 14 2018

I’ve been adopting rescues for 24 years, and I tell you, the horrors humans perpetrate on other helpless living beings is unfathomable to me. I have three dogs snoozing around my house right now, all safe and sound and loved, bellies full; but where they came from...I try not to think about it too often.

Feb 14 2018

I think there’s almost an entirely positive correlation between those folks and the ones who spontaneously chant “U-S-A! U-S-A!” at any opportunity, no matter how ill timed.

Feb 12 2018

I think that’s too much of a compliment for the likes of her.