5:16 PM

Also note that the polls being cited have a “C/D” rating by 538 standards. I’ll be more concerned when more trustworthy, less biased pollsters are getting these results. For now, that’s an outlier poll.

4:15 PM

Basically a good portion of the American populace are naive and easily manipulated; which is why the GOP House members have put on a performance art piece called “The process is unfair!” and it works for some voters. The GOP put on a performative piece regarding the Affordable Care Act when it was passed and it Read more

3:42 PM

“There is no amount of moderation that will convince Republicans to flip to Democrat.” Read more

3:31 PM

Except that the conventional wisdom or as you say the “districts being what they are” needs to be flat out ignored and she’s not doing that. The argument that I think Ron is making is that it’s easier to increase turnout than it is to flip folks to your side. They way to increase turnout is to champion popular Read more

1:45 PM

I’m sure you are well aware of this but for the benefit of others, all three polls were conducted by Firehouse Strategies, a public relations firm run by Republican strategists. That organization has a C/D rating by 538. Read more

12:25 PM

You sit there in Washington so frightened of the big, bad Republican machine you have no idea what people are thinking. I’m telling you right now, Tom DeLay is going to lose in his district. If Democrats in Washington haven’t got enough sense to OWN the issue of political reform, I give up on them entirely.
Read more

8:18 AM

You sue for unpaid wages AND the studio could be investigated for fraud. 

8:48 PM

I knew him in high school. He was an entitled douche who ran because his father had the position before him. I can still picture the DUNCAN HUNTER signs with the tiniest little “jr” on them. I doubt most of the people in that district even realized who they were voting for. He was always one of those people who was Read more

9:40 PM

Where’s the link that Warren supported the Iraq war? As for the 2008 bailout, most people who are grown ups supported it. Not because they wanted to bailout those asshole banks, but because if we hadn’t, we would be facing 20% unemployment and the recovery taking twice as long if we recovered at all. I don’t think Read more

5:00 PM

That’s just way too simplistic a view. It supposes that democrats who are moderate or centrists aren’t democrats. They are democrats. I consider myself a liberal democrat, but I’m not going to pretend (1) that a good percentage of the democratic party are moderates, not liberals (polls have shown this to be true) and Read more

5:16 AM

No one should be forced to use what they find to be a less competent process to play a game Read more

5:02 AM

Their feature set is half baked. I have to use Google to search their forums effectlively. And often find better information on Reddit while doing it. And their communication is terrible.

But I am not concerned only with the consumer side, and not even the dev side, there are also contributors. I find it concerning Read more

2:53 AM

Because despite Steam’s dominance within the PC market, I’m not to sure if they ever negotiated exclusive deals with 3rd party IPs? Read more

2:44 AM

Discord launches store, Valve adds Discord like features to Steam chat. Industry is alerted to Epic’s store launch and better developer cut, one week before launch Valve anounces better developer cut. Epic anounces roadmap for features gamers want the store/launcher to have, Valve begin to speak up that they are bad Read more

11:26 PM

I would feel substantially less angry if they made any kind of attempt to build a decent service before just taking the easy road and writing a bunch of checks. Read more

9:56 PM

You know Steam has leaked all that info as well but you’re defending them as though when they leak your info it’s fine but when Epic does, it isn’t? Read more

9:52 PM

agreed! My thought comes from how we use it in gaming - up until the epic games store it has solely been used to denote exclusive to platforms - PC/PS/Xbox/Switch/DS/Vita/etc. and now everyone seems to be using it the exact same way, with no explanation of difference, for the epic store. Like I never heard anyone say Read more

5:04 PM

“Out, out damned microtransactions!”

“Alas, poor Bethesda--I knew them, Horatio.  A developer of infinite quests, until this shit fell from their nethers.”