Sep 25

Who is watching these shows? Why is this still a thing? It’s been ten years since the first episode came out and maybe 7 since it’s been any good. Please stop it.

Aug 20

Do you have to be rich to have shares in a company? Are you rich if you have a 401k?

Aug 20

That’s actually what it means... to run a business. The drivers are given a quote for what they will be paid, they have a choice to take the job or not. The alternative is that they don’t have a job. No one lied to the drivers about anything.

Aug 20

I mean that’s what a business is for, so yeah.  Just curious, what would you have them do in your ideal world?

Aug 20

I get it. I don’t blame them. They are a for profit company that wants to make money, which they are entitled to try to do. They can’t make money if drivers are classified as employees. Unless they drastically raise rates, which riders won’t be happy with.  This was likely the least costly approach to take.

Jun 17

Apple needs to cut the shit and allow their watches to store music from Spotify for use offline.  Such a monopolistic move that stems from Spotify not wanting to give Apple a 30(!) percent cut of their membership revenue by charging through the app.

Apr 3

I appreciate the review which does consider flaws. The sizing is too small, only 16 oz, and I would hate the weight carrying it around. The high initial cost for the bottle—100 bucks? Also the refills are 12 bucks—like the ink in your printer cartridges, way overpriced. Not to mention more plastic garbage, you should Read more

Jun 4 2019

It’s a good an interesting interview, but the bit at the end seems a little disingenuous. I have not seen any suggestions that we should build 12,000 nuclear reactors to completely replace all existing energy sources, nor have I seen pro-nuclear people blasely pass off Chernobyl as an accident with acceptable losses. Read more

May 13 2019

“What about Dennis Rodman? He’s huge and strong! With a build like that, he should have no trouble whatsoever assigning this job to one small man with no expertise handling this sort of thing.”

May 1 2019

I love that he has to keep serving fast food because everyone made fun of him for it once, and he is constitutionally incapable of allowing even the implication he might have been wrong by serving better food now.

Apr 3 2019

Your Facebook password should never pass through Kinja’s server. They should be using OAuth or a similar scheme that gives Kinja a token for your account which is limited to what the outside app is authorized to do, not your actual password to allow carte blanche access to view, change, or post anything they want.

Apr 3 2019

Sites that use “login with Facebook” or other services don’t need (shouldn’t ever possess) your password. It’s done through a token, so you login to Facebook, and Facebook hands an authorization token back to the service. Read more

Apr 2 2019

Are you absolutely, positively certain it wasn’t “Boo-urns?” I'm not convinced.

Apr 2 2019

May no man ever attempt to succeed in his chosen profession, or in life, by means of moving for a raise” -Sports Fans