Jan 31

Does it count if I watched the first 25 minutes, skipped the next 4 hours, and only watched the last 5 minutes out of bored curiosity?

Sep 27

I stopped watching at season 18, but am very disappointed this means she’s still alive

Sep 6

A video of you doing it “the better way” would be useless. Guess what, most of us don’t have water jets, lasers, or routing tables but even I have a router I can screw on to a jig. He acknowledges the heavy machined way, but luckily offered this simple option that got the job done. 

Jul 21

Your new wealth has not at all very much increased until you realize it. 

Jun 7

“Gizmodo doesn’t want the economic crisis to keep you from reading its products.“

May 21

I of course just bought these a few weeks ago at the higher price, but I’m a fan. Noise cancelling is really good for home meetings blocking out the kids running around. Wind is fine on the bike. I cycle twice a week and I use the audio pass through so I listen to a book and also hear the crazies zooming in their Read more

I of course just bought these a few weeks ago at the higher price, but I’m a fan. Noise cancelling is really good

Apr 3

Ugh I despise this so much. An item lacking tech is not an inherent problem that needs to be solved by sticking some tech on it. Essentially they’re trying to convince me that my problem of having unlimited flavors of cheap options of drinks in my cupboard is solved by limited expensive proprietary cartridges directly Read more

Feb 23 2020

I think there are a few spots left on the page you could squeeze some more ads 

Dec 31 2019

Whenever I see stuff like this I always think of it being like the first minute news announcement in I am Legend. Cut to a few years and the planet gone 

Jun 4 2019

This is the same company that doesn’t sell you a usb 3 cable when you buy a power block! I can’t think of a time I was more mad when I drove all the way out to the Apple store to buy a $80 adapter only to find out after driving all the way home they didn’t throw in the cable! And the “genius” doesn’t even bother Read more

Apr 4 2019

Speaking of exposing ones self... don’t use the r word please. 

Mar 15 2019

Get rid of the middle of the inning commercial break. Why does it take so long to just get your team out on the field?! 

Mar 7 2019

I simply couldn’t read past ... “I have literally never, as in not one single time, successfully completed a checkout at a self-service station in a grocery store without having to call a human employee over.” Anything after is in the context of that guy. 

Feb 5 2019

I’m very impressed you were able to make an entire post on this longer than just “just go to your phone and turn tethering on”.

Oct 16 2018

As a website administrator for a medium size retailer, nothing makes me happier when other significantly larger sites go down.