Jeremy W
1/06/20 1:11AM

Yep. It feels a whole other game just kicked the (much superior) game to the curb after a few hours

1/05/20 4:15PM

As I like to call the game: Mayans vs. the Internet 2012

11/12/18 5:00PM

E-Sports: “We want to be treated as legitimate sports, like any other!”
Sports: “Well, a good place to start would be to institude codes of conduct.”
E-Sports: “That’s crazy talk! Teams can just police themselves!”
Sports: “...uh huh.”

7/28/18 12:14PM

If it means getting a stunt double that can actually pull off being a master of multiple martial arts? absofrigginlutely.

8/19/17 6:44PM

The only two characters from the original series that were actually ‘cool’ were Audrey (who tried to be cool and succeeded) and Deputy Hawk (who was just naturally cool and didn’t need to try).

4/28/17 5:56PM

eSports and online culture tends to be quite insular by its nature, it attracts particular kinds of people and presents them with a forum where they largely don’t have to suffer consequence for hurtful action as they would in other settings, as well as generating a kind of echo-chamber of like-minded people to play Read more

12/15/16 10:00AM

A lot of these sound way too troll-y to be real opinions.

11/04/16 2:47PM

“[E]verything depends on one’s assumptions, but I think that our assumptions—a Clinton lead, sure, but high uncertainty—has repeatedly been validated by the evidence we’ve seen over the course of the past several months,” Silver told Politico in a story published today. “The idea that she’s a prohibitive, 95 Read more

8/31/16 10:40AM

How about not? Too many useful things on there. It’s painfully easy to avoid all the bad stuff. In fact after all of about 2 minutes of configuration it takes a deliberate effort to find it.