Jeremy W
1/05/20 3:31PM

The entire first ~1/3rd of the game is fantastic as you switch between playing as the murderer and investigators; playing a cat and mouse detective game against yourself. I loved the atmosphere and slowly unraveling mystery. It’s crazy just how fast and how badly it all falls apart in the latter half though.

12/10/19 8:31PM

Has anyone played and review the PC version yet? I am very curious about how well they actually execute on this idea but a Google search only seems to yield results on Super Smash Bros.

7/29/19 2:13PM

Does this mean that someone could download the Steam Link app onto their Switch running Android and play PC games on the Switch?

5/09/19 1:37PM

Newegg is selling Switches for 10% off with code EMCTATE27 at the moment so you can get a brand new one for $5 less than the refurb.

Newegg is selling Switches for 10% off with code EMCTATE27 at the moment so you can get a brand new one for $5 less

10/02/18 12:01PM

Wait a second, THAT is David Harbour? Beloved Stranger Things actor who has the dadliest dad-bod of all time? Wha-what happened to him?!

9/29/18 1:11PM

Interesting. This actually seems a lot more appealing to me than Minecraft itself. I can appreciate what the game does and why it is so popular but struggle to feel motivated to actually do anything in such an open sandbox. A more goal-oriented and focused experience with similar gameplay sounds great.

5/25/18 12:31PM

If I record game play using Game Bar can I export the video and upload it anywhere or only to Xbox Live?

4/28/17 12:29PM

Can someone explain to me why eSports and gaming-related sections of Youtube seem to have such an abundance of racists? Is it just confirmation bias or do these sectors really have a higher percentage of racists? If so, why? I’m not well versed in eSports or Youtube, but it seems like another article like this one is Read more

11/26/16 11:09AM

Genres are vague and confusing, but even then some of these are rally stretching the definition of sci-fi. I really don’t see how The Witch or Swiss Army Man could be considered sci-fi.

10/19/16 11:32AM

People really didn’t seem to enjoy A Machine for Pigs when it came out but I played it for the first time last week and found that I quite liked it. It’s a much more focused game than the Dark Descent, with no inventory management, more linear sections, and not quite as many scares, but still a good horror game in its Read more

9/21/16 8:55AM

Does anyone else remember the show The 4400? In that show the psychic messiah baby grows into a sexy lady overnight and one of the main characters starts having sex with her. It was super creepy and off-putting.

8/08/16 8:43AM

I agree. The two are very different takes on space-based sci fi and there is no reason they can’t co-exist. When I watch A New Hope or ST: TNG, I watch them for completely different experiences.

8/02/16 6:29PM

Patrick, you are genuinely one of my very favorite video game writers. I really look forward to seeing whatever you do next. Read more

7/11/16 12:30PM

If WBC keeps using Pokemon in their promotional material, would Nintendo have precedent to sue them for unauthorized use of their IP? Because that is a battle that I would love to watch go down.