Jennifart Rhymes With Hennifart

I have a hard time believing that any assistant would think that saying, “You’re too fat to have a custom dress” would “cushion the blow” in this scenario in any way. Read more

The no tipping ad seems uncomfortably targeted.
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Totally imagining this in Jimmy Fallon’s Sara (no H) “Ew” voice.  Read more

I’ve gone out to eat plenty of times in my 42 years and have gotten truly bad service maybe a handful of times.  I still tipped 20% and then just never went back to the restaurant.  Using a tip as a cudgel to punish the help is just shitty as hell.  I’m also not someone who sends stuff back, unless they give me the Read more

Two things- tips should start at a baseline of 20%.  And never, ever answer a survey with anything negative.  It’s not worth it and all it’s going to do is cause undue stress to a person who most likely was doing the best they could with the bullshit, contradictory instructions their multiple supervisors gave them, Read more

One Thousand Fucking Percent. I literally walked out on a blind date many years ago because he was treating our poor server like she was dogshit on the bottom of his shoe. Just stood up, silently grabbed my purse and left. I still feel bad to this day about leaving our server to deal with his wounded pride that I’m sur Read more

One of our favorite places has one waitress who we just don’t like. Too much perfume (like gag me) and messy hair that I don’t even want to think about being near my food much less in it. After a couple of times being served by her, I asked her name, and the next time we were there requested the host or hostess to not Read more

Absolutely I agree, these people are working very hard. Even when service or food is not great, they’re probably working hard. If everything is bad, just leave. No need to berate or shame ppl. Read more

I’m continuously astounded by people who know that servers make pennies on the dollar, and fucking rely on tips to make minimum wage in some places, and will not tip, because “it’s not their way,” or “they shouldn’t have to pay the staff’s salary.” Read more

Bad tippers are garbage. Also, people who run a staff ragged, complain about everything, eat 80% of stuff, then wanna talk to the manager about how terrible the food, service, drinks were, not because any of it was bad, but because they were cheap assholes trying to come up on a discount or free meal. I went out with Read more

I’m kind of a non-confrontational weenie. One lunch place has a waitress who is a bit much. A lot of overly earnest “sweeties,” bad jokes, and awkward mugging. I like the food enough, I’ve started to find her hijinks endearing. Easier than raising a fuss. Side note: if I’m ever in a hostage situation, I’m totally Read more

I’m so fucking filled with rage at Anthony Kennedy for deciding to retire now that I can’t see straight. I don’t give any shits what’s happening in his personal life, or anything else: with our republic in this much peril, he has a moral obligation to sit in that chair until he drops dead. His *choice* to retire now Read more

Isn’t that a display of submission among primates? I mean, it would signal your roomie, “hey friendo no threat to your territory here.”  Read more

Darn restraining orders were really starting to pile up! Read more

My college roommates still remember one very important thing about me. If I woke up with clothes ON then I was incredibly drunk the night before. Read more

What’s a friendly flash of the labia minora between roommies? Read more

Or you need better roommates. Read more

The worst justification I ever hear is “He never did anything to me”.
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