Dec 10 2015

Can’t wait for Natasha Vargas-Cooper to not really bother research the story then do a snarky, irritating ‘expose’ where she softballs/fails to properly question a crucial witness.

Jul 21 2015

I’m trying to get the word out - the SONGS are already here from Miranda. Her Platinum album. Pretty much the whole thing. Basically says he cheated on her and so she decided to cheat on him. WHY IS NO ONE REPORTING ON THIS IN THE MEDIA? It answers literally ALL of the questions.

Jul 18 2015

Yeah, we don’t have anything like this product over here. Though Scotland in October you would need a more sturdy rainproof jacket. It can be cold as a bastard here. We have a lot of outdoors shops for cheap and second hand shops. You can pick something up.

Jul 17 2015

I got excited when they sang that they met at my alma mater, and then immediately after was disappointed to learn they’re republicans.

Jul 10 2015

HEY THAT’S ME! I MADE THAT! True life, I cried a little bit when I got it in the mail, and I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen my father look at me with such pride.