If Canada bans American travel it will be a hit to US hospitals on the border because a lot of the nurses and other personnel are Canadians traveling over. Read more

First guy looks like ANTM’s beard weaves caught on. Read more

Plus something thats fine now will be unacceptable 10 years from now. For sure. Like if you look at a movie from 10 years ago you are going to see a bunch of problematic shit. For sure.  Read more

In the bonappetit drama one of the hosts had some horrendous tweets and you see 17 year olds saying stuff like “I’m 17 and I know that xyz is wrong”. I didn’t post any of the stuff the host posted at 17 - not because I had a nuanced idea of sexism or racism- we didn’t have tumblr or twitter - I just wasn’t aware of Read more

I was not much of a problematic youngster (that I am aware of anyway) but I’m pretty sure thats down to not being in an environment where there was any problematic stuff I could repeat (I was one of those hardcore atheists but luckily I never actually discussed it or was involved in any kind of activism for it - they Read more

I don’t know what the correct thing to do about cancelling is. I certainly think there is lots of stuff that is a problem and needs to be deplatformed. But we are still left with all these people and they still need to be a functional part of society (and so do their fans). So it wasn’t only Jenna, it was the millions Read more

Its the usual celebrity stuff but people emotionally invest in them more as a result of the direct contact they often have with their fans and the sense of community that comes with something like being a nerdfighter or whatever Jake Paul’s fans are called. Like as a teenager I watched a lot of Green brothers videos Read more

I have seen Kate Upton and her husband(?)‘s nudes on a gawker site. I think it was Deadspin but not sure. I was not looking for  them, they were just the kind of thing that apparently someone thought was fine to post. Read more

You hit the nail on the head. I don’t want a separate app for every little thing. Not amazon, not clothing stores, not restaurants. I do order from a website when I can but I have never downloaded a restaurant app or a grub hub type app. If I can’t order it from a website I just go to somewhere that will let me order Read more

You’d think uber eats would have an easier time connecting it to their existing services. Read more

Do hospitals not provide most abortions - I know in the town where I grew up thats where they are (the nuns do their marching there - can’t miss it) Read more

They already had an episode where Terry was harassed by police, I think they are just trying to do more. Read more

What’s this about doxing sex workers? Read more

Do you really think anyone on the E network won’t come off as a tool? Read more

I think a lot of kids get an English name in ESL lessons - at least according to a lot of my language exchange buddies. I also received a name in a foreign language I learned. Its strangely common. Read more

Idk the batch we had before the current woke ones weren’t so woke. J Leno was atrociously sexist. Read more

For those who want to get a book: you can buy audiobooks through your local independent bookstores using Check if the black owned bookstore closest to you uses them. You own it permanently, it can go on any type of device and you don’t need to buy a monthly membership. No one has to print new ones so if you Read more

Independent bookstores are probably having a hard time moving stock enough to bring in things being published now. I doubt White Fragility is backlisted but there probably isn’t large quantities of them anywhere. There is probably a huge imbalance of stock with print books right now because they still have things they Read more

I mean, you can just wait, like you would at the library. Even if you go to another store you have to wait a while for reprints. There are lots of great things to read in the meantime. Read more

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I’m not so familiar with Jeffree - though I’m pretty sure my sister who was a teenage emo does.  But Shane Dawson’s content was always shockingly problematic.