Apr 24

I clicked on this article for the sole reason of making sure this gif was posted.  

Nov 16

FXNOW made the 4:3 episodes available after numerous complaints in 2014. I don’t see why Disney+ couldn’t make those available immediately, unless they’re planning to remaster them in HD (the FXNOW 4:3 shows were standard-def only).

Oct 21

It’s not about how much severance you receive; it’s about how much copper wire you can get out of the building with.

Oct 6 2019

This is an old little idea, that Windows is inherently insecure, but it’s arguably no more or less insecure than Apple, Linux or Unix. I mean, for example, here’s a list of Apple server exploits: Read more

Oct 6 2019

I’ve taken this tour and it was just ok. I’d give it a 3.6; not great, not terrible.

Sep 19 2019

Those things are the best. I randomly discovered them while perusing the ear wax removal drops at the store. Clinere works wonders. And I love that concentric-circle-bristle side.

Sep 18 2019

What Trump is doing is revoking states’ rights. If Californians disagree with how their chosen representatives do something they can vote new people in to change things. Read more