Jenisaurus: Ms. Rex, if you're nasty
Jan 21

What is the purpose of Brooks and Julianne’s full TMI publicity push? Why am I hearing so much about this dude’s interest in sex? I don’t care about your boner, buddy.

Jan 19

Isn’t Harvey confusing his trial with the orange guy’s? Moscow Mitch and Leningrad Linds both swore to be impartial but have said repeatedly on record that they will fall in line with his legal team.

Jan 18

They also claim to be the party of personal responsibility. So much for that.

Jan 17

Exactly. Like the mom who wanted to have The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks removed from a school corporation because it was pornographic.  Sure lady.  Thanks for protecting my kids from learning about racism and medical ethics.

Jan 17

Right, like just don’t get your kid a library card if you’re a controlling lunatic and don’t want your kid to be exposed to any ideas you haven’t pre-approved. This is some next level meddling in other people’s lives. I’m guessing they’ll start with banning kids’ books and then move up to committees which ban Read more

Jan 17

I have the song the nazi band plays at the book burning in The Last Crusade running through my head. Hitler’s Dangerous Art exhibition worked out real well, why not Dangerous Books? Read more

Jan 14

The Iphone is really just a lifestyle object at this point. There are way more apps for the Iphone for than for Android and that might be another reason why it’s liked better. There is some belief that Android apps are downgraded when compared to Iphone version of the same apps they look worse.

Jan 14

Camped out on Vancouver Island with son Archie, she awaits the arrival of her betrothed so the two can finally begin their new lives as influencers and rich charity donors Read more

Jan 13

I much prefer ‘Harmegheddon’ to ‘Megxit’ and ‘AMarklelypse’, as it puts ownership for the decision on both parties.

Jan 13

Is it possible for an enlarged heart to not show up on an EKG? Having had various troubles, I know that the only way they can really get a good picture of an organ in the preliminary stages is with a CAT scan or ultrasound. Read more

Jan 12

If you were to list and rank all the bad decisions from all parties involved in this situation... why is it that you’re most interested in dissecting the mistakes of the dead woman? Why are you ranking her decisions as the most egregious?

Jan 12

Unfortunately ERs are sometimes staffed with overworked, disinterested people that sometimes take shortcuts regardless if you look ill or not. Read more

Jan 12

I did the same thing two years ago. Heart palpitations, shortness of breath etc. I sat in the waiting room for 5 hrs after being triaged. Hell by that time I was feeling better and was about to leave. A nurse came running out and stopped me. I had multiple blood clots in both lungs and the right side of my heart had Read more

Jan 12

This is absolutely fucking wrong and I really hope her family sues the hell out of them. It won’t bring Tashonna back, but maybe it will teach the hospital a lesson so that this doesn’t happen to someone else. She should have been given nitroglycerin, aspirin and morphine, put on oxygen, hooked up to a heart monitor, a Read more