Jenisaurus: Ms. Rex, if you're nasty
Jan 17

Ah yes, the party of small government... How about being an active parent instead? If you want to shelter your kids, fine (I mean, not cool, but it’s their prerogative), but don’t pull other people into your bullshit.

Jan 16

You’re right, it doesn’t. I read Lauren’s caption wrong and took it as how are they still together despite those allegations, considering his position in the Democratic Party. He must not have thought there was any validity to the claims, considering he didn’t drop her like a hot potato when they came out.

Sep 27 2019

My therapist nudged me to go as well.  It was really helpful to be with other people experiencing similar things.  I hope that you’re able to find something to help you heal, whatever it is.

Aug 20 2019

Ugh, that is gutting.  My dear friend’s dad died four years ago this week in a motorcycle wreck - someone ran a stop sign and hit him.  It’s terrifying how frequent car/motorcycle accidents are.