I am SO feeling this way RIGHT NOW. Disclaimer I would NEVER say it in front of or to my kids. My kids are 21, 16 and 6. My 21 year old just moved back in with her baby, we are all struggling so much. My sister who doesn't have kids is going to Hawaii again for a week with her hubs. It's really hard right now not to Read more

Holy crap I need an adaptation of Pride and Prejudice to be remade starting Ben as Mr. Darcy pronto! Not that there aren't enough adaptations of P&P already bc I know there are, I've seen them all BUT this one needs to happen. Now.

Yes I do. It's like seeing my dad after a few years of living too far to visit frequently. You know everyone ages but you just don't want the ones you love to do it.

Can you please tell me more about how to make a safety plan? My daughter just fled her abuser. We just moved to another state before she left him and we flew her here. He doesn't know our address so far and she's cut off all communication with him as well as gotten rid of her cell phone. What else should we be doing. Read more

Well thank goodness. He's the only one I really like anyway.

I saw Fleetwood Mac when I was 6 years old. My parents told me Stevie was a witch on stage and I sat mesmerized watching her twirl and spin. I fell asleep at some point during the concert but I will never forget that fascinating and haunting image.

I had hopes that they could pull this off but honestly when I heard this was being made into a movie my first thought was that this novel won't translate well to screen. Don't get me wrong, I love the book but it's not a story for a mainstream movie. Maybe an indie movie, but not Hollywood.

I bow down to you all who stay. I just escaped last month. I couldn't handle it anymore.

Yes excellent coverage Jez and Gawker!

"This entire week has been foul as hell. Today doesn't seem to be an improvement." Read more

This was my thought first thing this morning! It's been what? 5 days since Michael Brown was killed? Obama still hasn't visited Ferguson! When will Kanye weigh in? Read more

Thanks. Grief is weird. He died 9 years ago but for some reason this one was hard. All the anniversaries and birthdays have been different. But I've been crying for 2 weeks this time. I'm tired of being strong. I just want him back now.

Ok 1. You are so right and I have a totally new found respect for social media. As Americans we are NOT safe from our government and a night like this shows us the fine line we walk. Read more

And a senator was tear gassed I read. She was in the group of protestors. Read more

I have never cried at the loss of a celebrity. Even ones I like. But this feels different. It's like I lost an Uncle or a surrogate father. I watched a lot of TV growing up and these people, Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, Gene Wilder, the great comedians of our days, I learned so much from them. But especially Robin Read more

I showed Hook for the first time to my 6 year old yesterday. His assessment? "Um, needs work. I give it 2 stars." WTF??? Clearly I am failing as a parent here.