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I see your pups, and raise you a labra-goldendoodle!

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Here is Taylor making her way to her SUV from another angle.

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He knowingly put himself on national television to tell someone he loved them, which is cute and worth sharing. Read more

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Because she likely knew she was on speaker phone (because we all know when we are on speaker) and that there were other people in the room, there is no expectation of privacy for the statements made in the call, which is what underlies these recording laws. It’s like, if you are yelling something on the sidewalk, Read more

I think the hilarity of the Taylor Swift fiasco is overshadowing the racial aspect of it. A not-insignificant part of Swift’s rise stemmed from people wanting to protect her from the black man who repeatedly victimized her. Swift doesn’t strike me as a particularly stupid person and I’m sure she’s aware of this fact. Read more