Feb 28

Not everything needs 300hp. My car has less than 300 hp and can more than scoot when I get on it. My wife’s car has ~150hp and rarely do I think it needs any more than that. Read more

Jan 23

If you don’t think climate change will destroy civilization, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Jan 7

Bring-A-Trailer is a wonderful place to see all sorts of exotic, unusual, rare, offbeat, bizarre, impossible to find, and otherwise drool-worthy machines. I’m on the site far too many times every day for sound mental health. It’s fantastic entertainment, like watching the Barrett-Jackson auctions. Read more

Dec 22

I decided to download it illegally. If he can illegally drive across the country and put people’s lives in danger, I can certainly download his movie without him complaining about it. 

Dec 19

So these batteries could maybe combat sea-level rise? These sound like the most amazing batteries ever. Bring on climate change! </s>

Dec 13

You mean the one that was last sold over ten years ago? Hyundai/Kia is a very different beast nowadays.

Dec 12

You know, I have never met anyone from a socialized health care country say that people get refused service.  Or they have to wait months for emergency visits.  Its only idiots in the US defending our terrible system who ever say such bullshit.   

Nov 21

My whole life I’ve wanted car companies to make their concept cars but they never do and I always wondered why. Well the comments show why, because people are full of crap. People say they want a futuristic car or something out of bladerunner. They say they want something unique but at the end of the day they buy a Read more

Oct 31

Nope, I’m bored with this “project” of yours already. Without near-terminal frame rust, what’s the point? Have you gone soft??? WTF, DAVID? WTF?