Le Monstre
5/22/21 2:46PM

I’d be willing to bet none of them were buying cards for themselves, or for children they knew. Just another hobby ruined by scalpers in the great 2020/21 scalping depression.

5/20/21 12:00PM

And they are running them because they are legal. The rules clearly state a maximum deflection with a specified load, and the “offending” wings all comply with that rule. What the FIA did is change the rule mid-season after one team complained, and now that team is complaining that the rules aren’t changed fast enough.

10/08/19 1:31PM

When will the aftermarket learn that giant intake plenums and giant air to air intercoolers = massive lag? Read more

9/20/19 9:17AM

My guess is that they will leave it 2.4 NA, as least in the standard trim. Subaru spends a lot of effort pushing its brand in motorsports and to have a 2.4 Turbo as standard would disqualify the car from competing in production class stage rally. As of the 2019 ARA rule book, the limits are 2.5L NA and 1.6L turbo for

7/19/19 12:04AM

Or put another way: $10k more than a Supra. And this has a removable roof. 

5/02/19 9:57PM

“In being able to serve our customers as one firm, integration is a key priority – both culturally and operationally.” Read more

4/02/19 3:20PM

I was driving down a gravel back road a week or two after replacing my brakes on my Protege5 and heard an awful noise when I braked. Coasted to a stop on the side of the road and had a look, turned out the rear caliper bolt was missing on the front passenger side so the caliper was levering up and jamming into the Read more

9/24/18 8:01PM

Bitch.... Michelle O accomplished more in her life BEFORE she became first lady than you and your whole tornado bait trailer trash family have ever even read about. Double Ivy League Graduate. Lawyer. Hospital Administrator. Mother. Go getter. Accomplisher of many things, not the least of which is to be married to a Read more