Le Monstre
Sep 27

I've heard of history repeating itself, but going from Honda, to a French unit, to Mercedes Benz... McLaren, you could of really did a hat tip and used Bruno Senna during the Honda unit days.

Jul 4 2019

We had ACR SRT-4's in racing school. They were damn quick and agile with a set of pads and stickier tires.

Jun 4 2019

It still sits on my office counter waiting for the roll cage to be soldered together, but I halted for both work, and was going (but canceled) a trip to Revs to take additional photos to ensure the roll cage and other interior parts is correct. I’m torn between sacrificing my MKIV GT40 interior, or wait for a damaged Read more

May 21 2019

Actually, in good faith, because Bernie was trying to move up in the F1 scene as a director, he said the car was legal, but because all the other teams were pissed, they retired it from racing to appease them, once again, Bernie thinking if only himself. They could of continued until rules were amended to ban it.

Apr 28 2019

I remember racimg series adding weight to the podium finishers to keep things fresh and points battles tight. It's easy to see Mercedes has a budget and team even Ferrari goes to bed wishing on a falling star to have. Changing aero rules only made the results more predictable, and F1 knows this is going to come to a Read more

Apr 25 2019

Korean War, Vietnam War, and jury is still out on Afghanistan and Iraq (2003 one.)

Apr 19 2019

I have a 2017 ST, and along with my Brembo RS calipers, I am having a set made by a gentleman you can find on Instagram @dlng.designs . They will be going on Revolve Approved No. 0119's, which should help during hot track days

Mar 14 2019

Taiwan sadly, for two reasons. There is a high theft/secret stealing within the Taiwanese military that is usually a result of China enticing high ranking military personnel with money and women. Also anytime we sell military supplies to Taiwan, China gets angry, usually threatening to stop communication between us. Read more

Feb 18 2019

I love the Tipo 33/3, though the 312PB was more successful, the Tipo’s were just beautiful. Read more

Feb 11 2019

This is fantastic to see, and to do a tribute to my build is just icing on the cake. Sadly I went with PS this console gen, and GT Sport doesn’t have the MkII, infact it’s car selection is poor at best. In Forza 2 I did a livery, and raced the hell out if it and the 911 GT1. Read more

Jan 21 2019

I want all those 1:18 cars, especially the 787B and the Mac Porsche, best livery of all 935's!!!

Jan 11 2019

Tilke destroyed Fuji. He destroyed any track he ever put a pen to. Simply put, his signature is a long straight with a tight turn or S-turn, then some medium straights, followed by a sprinkle of meh turns, and then another real slow down turn. I understand as far as safety goes, a slow turn prevents a bad crash should Read more

Sep 25 2018

I need to find them, but I have two of these in promo white with a white box. My father got them at a trade show close to 20 years ago.

Sep 16 2018

Enough to make you change the channel. It’s 2000-2004 F1 all over again....

Sep 16 2018

Yes and no. Honda’s power unit was certainly fragile and underpowered, but at the expense of McLaren dictating how the unit needed to fit within their chassis. Though still a learning curve for them, had McLaren yeilded to Hondas request for more room, things may have been a little different. We’ve seen a much more rel Read more

Sep 1 2018

Basically. TMS is a staple race for NASCAR. F1 is so viable world wide, I’m sure they wouldn’t give it a second thought to pull up their stakes from the U.S. and put that weekend into some other despot nation should they get ever so slightly ticked off. Read more