Simplify, then add beer
Sep 27

As I see it, he violated the rules and was penalized appropriately. He is not above the rules, even if he is the most important person he knows. Read more

Sep 26

At least Vettel got out of Q1 and picked up P15.

Sep 22

With numbers like that, I might be inclined to have a healthy dose of skepticism about this whole thing, except you link the Lucid Air article right in the middle of this one. Read more

Sep 14

Or better yet, register yourself as an organ donor and let parts of your body live on in other people.

Sep 4

At least .25 miles confirmed so far. 

Aug 28

Sorry, no, we’re doomed.. But it’s ok to sing all the way down when your parachute doesn’t open...

Aug 27

Ok, but seriously, stop pulling that clipping out of your wallet to show to your friends when they start making you look at pictures of their kids, ITS NOT THE SAME!

Aug 23

It is possible that the Google algorithm has learned by now since many people may have googled it.

Aug 19

In reality probably no. But if message boards are an indication, there are millions and millions of people who claim to drive 301 miles each day. Stating that EVs are a waste of time and that they will never buy one.

Aug 18

*hits turbo boost button*

*car briefly lurches forward and battery range immediately drops to zero*

Aug 13

Did you see the design of the car?  I think it’s highly debateable that these are intended for sale on planet earth.