Simplify, then add beer
Jun 18

Personally, I think the National Cabinet overdid it. We introduced measures aiming for elimination but rolled back when we still had a couple of cases. Now we’re aiming for suppression or minimalisation. Read more

Jun 12

Seeing this from outside the US I’d say he’s not the only half-witted fucktard. In fact damn near half of you need to have a good, long think about what you’ve done

Jun 3

Just once I’d like to see a concept cabin that contains overhead lockers. Even a 747 from the mid 80s is going to look amazing if you pull them out

May 27

Updates are always slow during public holidays - not just in the US but worldwide. Similar thing happened around Easter.

May 26

I partially expected to see him write an article as he is probably friends with the evil bunch that now owns this site.

May 14

Bradley I’ve been refreshing my browser wating for a Jalopnik story on the current switcheroo. Nothing on what will be the wackiest team mates ever in McLaren?