Dec 18 2019

Having just recently visited the Ghibli museum (which I highly recommend to anyone in or visiting Japan), I gained a newfound respect for animation and their process especially. As long as he’s not overworking himself, he can take all the time he needs. His works are classic and I’m grateful for what I’ve seen so far.

Dec 18 2019

I would loooove for him to make another fantasy or scifi epic before he’s done. Not that I’m complaining about his more recent works. All still great! But another Princess Mononoke, Moving Castle, or Nausicaa would be lovely :D

Dec 17 2019

I’m one of those guys who annoys people trying to get a stack of docs signed because I read everything. Invariably I’ll find something that doesn’t sound right. When I question it my favorite two responses - and the most frequent responses, by a huge margin - are: “Just ignore that because... Read more

Dec 16 2019

Imagining the "million" moms' glee turning into disappointment and rage makes me feel all warm and tingly inside 

Dec 13 2019

Except he sells more electric cars than anyone else, with the best range and far and away the best charging infrastructure. And Tesla is a part-time gig for him. Read more

Dec 13 2019

Hah! Shows what those rubes in Knoxville know. It’s clearly a scalene triangle.

Dec 9 2019

If Internet outrage were anything more worthwhile than a collective pile-on, it’d focus on the GMC ad where some rich jagbag buys a pair of giant gas-chugging trucks for his wife. Read more

Nov 27 2019

Neutral: No screens. None. I want a very basic radio display and nothing else. I want buttons and dials and knobs and actual physical dash components and substantial control over my driving experience.

Nov 26 2019

My current dog’s previous owner died, and wasn’t found for 4 days apparently. I haven’t asked if there was any nibbling, and I have to say that if I died, and my dog or cats had to eat me to stay alive, I’d be okay with that.

Nov 25 2019

Ya, basically we need the Corolla of EVs. Dammit batteries! Imagine $15K EVs with 500 miles of range?

Nov 19 2019

It’s gotta be the #1 answer on the board. It would be nice to make my own judgement call on what a safe speed is. Read more

Nov 15 2019

Honestly, Snip & Sketch is superior to the Snipping Tool in every way possible. And I say this as someone that used Snipping Tool on the regular. You get a keyboard shortcut, Win-Shift-S, then the snip goes into Action Center.
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