How is it degrading? I couldn't hear the video because my work computer doesn't have speakers, but they're just dancing. They're not "subjecting" themselves to anything, they actively chose to make the video and dance like that. I understand that the school may not like their name attached to a video like this, but Read more

I think the time frame of pushin' varies. I've heard of women in labor for like 72 hours, and then there's my mom who earned the nickname "Rocket Twat" because she was able to get myself, my brother, and my sister out each on just a few pushes. Read more

I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that they didn't mean for this to be racist—they're in the criminal lineup because they're the members of Odd Future, not because they're black. Read more

Since nobody was actually harmed, I feel like it's okay for me to say that this is one of the funniest things I've read in a long time. I couldn't keep from giggling, especially at "caressing the poisoned juice bottles and cackling next to the juice rack" Read more

"[...]I never understand why everyone is supposed to want to go, why the freaks and weirdoes [...] would ever want to be part of the dumb shit the popular kids do." Read more

I hate that this isn't just high school athlete ego at play and that the administrators are 100% reinforcing their delusions of invincibility. These kids need to learn that yeah it's awesome that they're good at sports but that doesn't mean that their lives and their wants are more important than those around them. Read more

No, I won't be dressing my kid how *I* like—I'll be letting her dress how *SHE* likes, whether that's a one piece or two. Read more

And the problem with that issss...?? Read more

that is NOT a string bikini. String bikinis are when the boob-covering triangles can move around on the string and can be either close together or far apart. Hers looks like it's sewn together at the middle. Read more

I don't get why it's creepy. Two pieces made for little girls are not the same as the ones made for grown women—it's not like it's just those tiny triangles on a string, they're made to stay exactly where they are because obviously the little girls are gonna play and run around while wearing them. And I HIGHLY doubt Read more

This is definitely the craziest hat I've seen in the past few weeks! I guess I'm very sheltered when it comes to the world of hats. I must research further. Read more

Congrats on your new found royal-ness! Haha. But seriously, besides British royalty the only people I've seen wear hats even HALF as crazy have been Lady Gaga and various drag queens. Read more

Can someone PLEASE explain to me what's with British royalty and weird hats???

Sweeeeeeeet beard-o-liiiine!

I think that the problem is many people won't know that what he's saying is dumb. Read more

I have pale pink areolas— I never thought there was a problem with them and I still don't! I'm very, very pale and I just don't think I was meant to have dark nips. Read more

does anyone else think that her arms and hands look really odd right here??

I think this is a step in the right direction. Good to see that Mississippi is upholding the law (although it still sucks that this is the ONLY abortion clinic in the whole state), hopefully other states will see it the same way and destroy these TRAP bills. Fingers crossed! Read more

I'm almost doing the same... I have an 8 year old brother back home, and I'm very tempted to leave work and drive an hour and a half to go give him a hug. Read more