JayZAyEighty thinks C4+3=C7
Oct 21

Trump is a centrist in policy. He really is. He’s only a Republican because he saw the weak field and took the opportunity. He was a Dem for decades. When Hillary lost rather than push for things they would traditionally agree with Trump on they decided to just do every stance anti-Trump. Now they are stuck with weird Read more

Oct 20

This is a $100k+ luxury vehicle... if you can afford it, your carbon footprint is probably too big to actually care. This is aimed as a way to introduce EV pickups for GM. Make the first one aspirational to the crowd already buying Denalis and Escalades, then let the tech trickle down.

Oct 19

All it needed was a theme to be the world’s first DONK.

Oct 19

Do you suggest a history book or maybe an economics one? Because both tell me what happens to socialist countries, ESPECIALLY ones with limited export potential.

Oct 19

Eh. All the other countries are fine without a vaccine. The virus is still in China and those other places too. It would be silly to say its not. We are just more worried about it in America. We need our drama since we aren’t fighting any wars anymore and terrorism is down. Read more

Oct 19

There was a New York Times article about how China has COVID under control and the economy is booming as a result, immediately followed by an article criticizing the New York Post about publishing highly questionable information regarding Hunter Biden. Journalistic integrity has gone out the window as both sides push Read more

Oct 19

1st Gear: Friendly reminder that the Chinese economy is controlled by the state and therefore reflects the state’s narratives. It’s extremely unlikely COVID is, in fact, in control, and frankly more journalists need to start pushing back on these jokey anecdotal narratives. 

Oct 13

Nay, this is no longer a land of freedom. The terrorists have won. That we cannot go on with our Spirits illuminated is more than simple metaphor. Our spirits have literally been broken.
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Oct 12

I nominate Jim Spanfeller, the herb that made this site so fucking unusable by packing it full of advertising, dildo deals of the day, auto play advertisements for dildos, and auto play content videos. This herb also completely gutted the staff. Yes, Jim Spanfeller is the most deserving herb there is. Read more

Oct 9

So long, Andrew! No matter where you go, I’m sure you’ll be making a splash.

Oct 9

I disagree. That interior is awful. Too many patterns and shapes and other distractions. It looks cramped and difficult to get to various controls. If I have to take my eyes off the road for even a second to adjust something in the moral course of driving, that’s bad. Even with cool mood lighting.   Read more

Oct 5

I’d settle for 250HP if NA and revs high. But it won’t start at $25k. More than needing power, GT86/BRZ/FR-S is too expensive for what it is. I bought a new LT1 V8 Camaro, 6-speed manual, for $30k, and it is twice the car as a 86/BRZ (I had a FR-S for a while).