JayZAyEighty thinks C4+3=C7
2:54 PM

Been boycotting made in China for two years now. Please buy some extra detained-Uighur-made textiles to compensate for my xenophobia! Fuck people being paid living wages, besides. I need my cheap (read: cheap) shit to have the most substantial environmental impact possible, produced in a place with near-no Read more

9:23 PM

Not sure that I’m following. You’re exceptionally glad that your wife, who lives in the U.S., takes pleasure in the capacity of weapons built to destroy or threaten... the U.S.? Because something something about the dumb head of state? Read more

7:06 PM

I see where that would be misinterpreted, but I was only using that as a place-marker and formative event in the present state of trade relations with China. I would support any notion things before and since have been turbulent and tainted by the predominance of the private interest over the public, granted on a far Read more

12:02 AM

I don’t understand your disagreement. I’m not talking about the entire history of corruption, I’m talking about modern China trade policy.

10:38 AM

Please enlighten us on this “solid deal between the world’s two biggest economies” that was implemented—or even a matter of accord--since Tricky Dick took a trip to the People’s Republic.

10:38 AM

Poor widdle Volkswagen AG. Why can’t the just allow the process of economic attrition—by the mind-fuck that is the trade status quo with China--to continue so that a European multinational corporation can continue to deliver a higher profit there from the fruits of stolen IP and a near-scheduled and politically Read more

6:32 PM

It’s not as though the 5.7 liter in the corvette is a larger version of the BMW OHC motor with forced induction (aforementioned with drawbacks aside from power density). Read more

12:17 AM

This is going to be a 2008 all over again, only what was then the Godzilla phenomenon will be attributed to GM for a change. Certainly the debut is much more interesting than January 2013 was here, which seems like yesterday (and kind of was, in ‘Vette-years). Read more

11:41 PM

Could have been a way to incorporate traditional Corvette styling cues by reintroducing the circular taillamps everyone was pining for when the C7 took on a corporate rear fascia. This is more of a continuation of the details, which kind of saps the clean-sheet theme.  Still an amazing car, no doubt, and the looks are Read more

10:30 PM

Funny, but I don’t think that a country such as China or trade bloc like the EU particularly falls into either of those categories. I suggest listening to an economist like Dani Rodrik for a bit more of a nuanced perspective than that of macroeconomics as it applies to the most microscopic consumer, which dominates Read more

2:26 PM

I think that someone getting a 370Z at this point is willing to sacrifice a little practicality, might as well go for a Camaro or something else built on sports car bones rather than a world car that builds in excitement as a trim-level.

9:33 PM

You could argue the same of passenger cars and the places where people require them. I still want a car and I want to be able to drive it properly, thanks.