Jayhawk Jake
5/13/19 9:50AM

If you want to take a grinder to the body of the car in most of the vent locations.... then sure. Most of the vents have hard metal blocking flow to them even if you remove the fake plastic 

4/16/18 11:49AM

I’ve visited a few times. The appeal of urban living disappears quite quickly when the weather and infrastructure are terrible. I don’t care how amazing NYC is, it’s so much easier and nice to live in Sydney, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, etc.

4/10/18 8:28PM

Just bought a 17 last wk and loving it. I like the clutch and about all ive driven it in is traffic :/

4/10/18 5:02PM

I test drove an ‘18 and while the clutch action was light, I had a tough time modulating it. The engagement zone was short and felt very on/off.
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4/09/18 10:28AM

2200 lbs?? The damn BRZ weighs 2800. Not that it has an admirable power:weight ratio but anyway, dream on.

2/08/18 11:24AM

I’ll get taken off the light when riding my bike or in my STi, sometimes I feel bad but then I remember that I don’t need to get anywhere that fast on a regular basis. And I’m still not in a minivan so I’ll take it as a win.

2/07/18 9:09PM

While I’ve never driven an Accord, that tends to be my typical behavior when I get rental cars that have somewhere between half to a third of the power I’m used to.

2/05/18 3:29PM

I did the same thing with my BRZ once on this awkward curb surrounding a tight 180-degree entrance to an underground parking garage. Rode up on the right side rocker, then drove over it with the rear wheel.

Sounded awful, but luckily I have the OEM STi side skirts that completely wrap around the side and underneath the Read more

12/18/17 2:53PM

Smart buyers don’t view it as a $32k toy/commuter/city car. They view it as an $139/mo toymuter car.

12/17/17 5:28PM

Oh no, the GT86/BRZ will have no guts to make it up that steep grade.

12/13/17 7:02PM

Until people step inside and find the Cobalt steering wheel and happy meal plastics!

12/07/17 11:29AM

I’m not sure you understand a pyramid scheme.

12/04/17 1:41PM

“crossovers so that Average Joe Plumber American will buy their cars thereby subsidizing their enthusiast offerings....” Read more

11/08/17 11:04AM

I once read a quip that the GT-R was best known as the #1 car that boyfriends excitedly pointed out to their completely ambivalent girlfriends.

11/01/17 1:34PM

I would join a support group for this issue, if one was available. It has bothered me for 20+ years.