Jayhawk Jake
11/02/19 7:37AM

Most light jets are essentially push button start these days. In fact much of the Citation line uses the same Garmin avionics as the VisionJet. Read more

11/02/19 7:33AM

Plain old 2D transportation is actually far more complex to deal with autonomously due to traffic levels, pedestrians, hazards, reliance on infrastructure, etc. Plus for an aircraft there is air traffic control to route other aircraft out of the way if necessary.

6/28/18 11:38AM

The 720S is one of the only cars that I actually truly believe looks better in person than in pictures. 

5/25/18 12:12PM

I was looking into it a bit more, it’s actually only 10 feet each side. You could flip it down, but it adds risk that you get banged into by a service truck. Read more

5/25/18 9:10AM

A large bird isn’t going to affect the folding mechanism because per FAA regulation the aircraft has to withstand a large birdstrike without damaging the forward spar. Read more

5/25/18 9:08AM

“Only” 20 feet? 20 feet is a lot of feet. I don’t think the wing tips sit 20 feet off the ground, so folding down isn’t an option.

4/21/18 10:43AM

I watched the whole thing out of spite. It’s a terrible show. Beyond the fact that basically none of the sleepers were sleepers, the entire attitude portrayed of “built not bought” was so egregiously stupid. Especially when they all lose to a kid in a borrowed Lamborghini. Read more

4/16/18 12:52PM

I agree wholeheartedly. It feels like for everything NY has to offer that it claims to have the “best” of, a myriad of other cities offer it as well with less downsides. Read more

4/16/18 12:36PM

Little of that is truly unique to NYC though. Every place has its own culture and many places are far more diverse than you might expect. NYC might have the “best” food but many smaller cities have excellent food on offer as well. Being close to mountains or beaches...Southern California has that, and many, many other Read more

4/11/18 2:49PM

My black paint wasn’t in the best shape when I got the car (still isn’t), but the interior was flawless and I haven’t noticed any issues from excessive hooning. I also hoon it a lot myself, so *shrug*

4/11/18 2:48PM

I like the transmission. With a different clutch assist spring it’s not too bad honestly. I got mine (Premium PP) for $25k, but I had a hookup.

4/11/18 2:47PM

This is what I meant by “weird”. You adjust, but even I’m still not super smooth in traffic after driving these Mustangs for almost 2 years. Read more

4/10/18 4:07PM

The 15-17 also have depreciated like a Mustang used to, so they’re insane bargains used. You can most certainly find a ‘15 premium GTPP for less than $30k. They don’t have the best interior in the car world, but for under 30k it’s a nice enough place to be behind a 5 liter V8.

4/10/18 4:04PM

I DD a ‘15 GT. The clutch is weird and a pain in the ass in traffic. Also it gets garbage gas mileage. It’s the best car I’ve ever owned, and putting my foot down to a 435 hp coyote concert when the traffic lets up makes up for all the negatives. Though I do need gas...again.

4/09/18 8:42PM

The national champion autocrosser was in stock class. It had, per the rules, only changed shocks, a single swaybar, and the tires. Everything else is as it comes from the factory. Read more