Jay, the practical enthusiast
3:28 PM

In the 5 years we have owned our Mazda5 it has spent just 1 night outside. I was too lazy to put it in the garage one night and the raccoons used ot to get to the trash cans. Deep scratches in the bumper. I too hate trash pandas. 

7:33 PM

We have a Mazda5 minivan. We like it but we had a Toyota Highlander last summer for a month and it can do everything our minivan can do. 7 seats, tall roof, flat floor. The only difference between a 7 seat SUV and a minivan is the sliding doors. 

4:04 PM

I was planning on writing an article on how both my 9 year old and my 5 year old drove for the first time last month. We were in Mongolia (the least densely populated country in the world) miles from the nearest city, people, cars, trees, or even animals. I worked the pedals (top speed of maybe 15 mph) and they took

5:16 PM

If I can get myself motivated I’m going to write a post about their unique driving rules that favor scooters. Otherwise it was super hot (the night time low was mid to high 80s) so we tried to stay indoors or go to water parks. Everything is about a third the price of the US. Read more

9:39 AM

I just got back from Vietnam. Took the whole family. About 20 hours total flight time each way! We can't even upgrade to premium select because the kids are too young. Coach all the way. We did get lucky and at least get seated together. Good luck and I hope you get upgraded. 

3:19 PM

I've never flown them, but I feel like this could influence people to choose them if their food is good. For certain routes there is not much difference in price so whatever an airline can do to make themselves stand out could help sales.

11:20 AM

I’m interested to hear what f86sabre has to say. The airline I work for says that half the toilets have to be functional to be able to fly. I thought this was an FAA rule. Read more

3:19 AM

I bought a 26 year old Mustang right after I graduated high school and spent 7 years daily driving it while restoring it. Reading you article brings back so many memories of what that experience was like. 

5:23 AM

I daily drove a ‘66 Mustang for 7 years. I loved that car and spent thousands trying to restore her. She was my dream car. When I found a job overseas I decided to sell her. That was 20 years ago. About every 6 months that car will pop up in a dream. There's never a connection or similarity between the dreams except Read more

2:58 PM

My $3,000 Subaru Outback was a repo. The previous owner owed $9,000 on it! I really hope that's not what they paid for it. I'm thinking they rolled another loan into it.

2:31 AM

I avoid shopping plazas with speed bumps. I couldn’t possibly live in a neighborhood with them. They definitely affect home values. 

8:34 AM

I was young and didn’t know any better. I think it’s an actual law here that you have to stay in your vehicle. It's a long story but in the cop's defense he thought I was running from him.