$20K actually seems like a bargain when dealing with FaceBook when you think about the kind of data that is connected and collected, I’m sure there is a clause in the service agreement for hosting sites that use the software.
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I hope they don’t try to do anything with the old X-Men Animated series.  They’ve proven that they cant write anything nearly as good as what they had for that series and the animation style of this generation is just terrible.
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You keep mentioning the Apple watch, but there were other smartwatches before it.  And those were more capable.  Just a reminder.
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I feel like there should be a tie-in or crossover with Galaxy Quest and I’m super bummed out that Alan Rickman isn’t here for that. 😢
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Wow.  The title of this article can be filed under misrepresentation along with everything else Trump says and tweets.  I read the article.  I understand that none of the people in our government actually care about our privacy, but to even make an attempt to align Trump with anything regarding true praise for one of Read more

By far one of the best Disney movies. I love the music and the sarcasm. “Highly educated owl!!” Read more

And next they’ll say run-on sentences are OK here because most of the writers on this site can't spell or write well......  Read more

I think the Roadkill guys need to call it a day and give you the rights to the show.  Read more

It’s all the damn stuff they put in cars making them too expensive. Not to mention updating vehicles every year so people think they need the latest and greatest. Along with giving vehicle loans to anybody and making it seem normal to be making a $500 per month payment.  Read more

I love this game! I used to play it on my GameBoy when my parents were driving us all over Texas. Really need a backlight on that old system. 😏 Read more

I loved Into the Spiderverse! But you guys got to get over Donald Glover as Spiderman. Peter Parker is just such a white dude name.  Read more

Because the dealership had no other colors for the vehicle I could afford.  Read more

Please don’t. I mean really. Why can’t they make an original movie anymore....  Read more

Wish they’d make another Passport model.  Read more

Like Florence, TX where they block the speed change sign into town with trees and pull you over to ticket you. Then when you go to court they line everybody up and nobody can fight the ticket because the judge won’t actually hear you and the photo they use of the speed sign has been shown to have the trees cut back. Read more

I no nobody cares, but cursing can be useful, but makes you sound ignorant.  Read more