Apr 7

I’m a field grade officer in the armed forces of the United States and I wouldn’t trust my current civilian leadership with my bicycle for 10 minutes.

Apr 3

It never occurred to me that someone could read the redemption of Darth Vader as a bad narrative decision. It’s so fundamental to the movies, obviously more so after the prequels, that I can’t register it as poor storytelling. Read more

Feb 26

And I'm glad Matt plays John across several DC verses because it's hard to see anyone else as good. Sorry, Keanu

Feb 20

Everyone except everyone in this or similar threads recognizes that Andrew is playing along with the conceit of the joke. If “Open your wallets your eyes, sheeple!” doesn’t make it obvious ... didn’t you guys used to be discerning readers? (It’s also filed under “GJI” so taking anything at face value here makes me Read more

Jan 26

I understand Kobe has a complicated legacy — he is going to be celebrated for his basketball accomplishments by some, crucified for the Colorado incident by others — so if people don’t want to feel overtly melancholy about Kobe, that’s their decision. But four other people lost their lives including two children, so I Read more

Jan 26

His 13-year-old daughter died in the crash too. While you guys take victory laps, make sure you at least spare a moment for the loss of a child’s life.

Jan 24

Sara and Ava’s horror when you drank Rasputin was amazing, one of those LoT touches that just one viewing almost doesn’t let you fully appreciate 

Jan 15

If the next crossover doesn’t begin with “MEANWHILE, AT THE HALL OF JUSTICE!”, it’s going to be a missed opportunity. 

Jan 12

Oh, the jump to the LoTR set with him? Yeah, that was good. hail Beebo

Jan 7

This article—and I know this sounds weird to say about an AV Club article—is pretty goddamn harsh. Here are the basics: Carrie Fisher was beloved not just for being Leia, but also for her writing, and frankness in her writing about her personal life. Read more