Sep 18

This is the kind of post that reminds me of the old days of io9. I can only speak for myself, but I’d love to see more posts like this.

Aug 24

I don't understand why there's a picture of Night Monkey on an article about Spider-Man.

Jun 22 2019

Also relevant: The tournament started with 24 teams. Two-thirds of the entrants made the knockout rounds. Read more

Oct 9 2017

Poor Aron Jóhansson. He chose to play for the US despite growing up in Iceland, because he believed it was his only shot at a major international tournament. Then, he gets to see his home country become international darlings while he’s not even getting his feet wet playing in the Hex.

Jun 13 2017

At this point, you might as well send the Cavs and Warriors on tour like the Globetrotters and hold the actual NBA with the rest of the teams. And come to think of it, this may actually double the entertainment.

Jun 12 2017

Can he try and fail to dribble past 5 defenders? Then after he’s stripped of the ball can he get a stupid yellow chasing down the guy who dispossessed him? Read more

Oct 12 2016

The single engine that drives his psychology is a desire for dominance. It is about dominance and power. It is being able to walk into a room and take over.
Read more

Jul 26 2016

No its not. When they were finally revealing tidbits about Daisy’s past, it was revealed that after the SHIELD agents rescued her, they left her at St. Agnes Orphanage with the Mary Sue Poots name to try to hide and protect her. Whenever at least one (maybe more) foster families didn’t work out, she was sent back to Read more

Jun 19 2016

Okay, I didn’t make this, so it isn’t eligible for submission, but I thought it might help punctuate the competitive overtone here.

Mar 21 2016

“What do you mean don’t use them? How are we supposed to, I mean who will watch... Oh, blocks. I thought you meant bl-” Read more