Apr 22

I remember reading this too. I remember them delaying the release of season 1 so they could outline the rest of the series. 99% sure I read it on io9 too.

Apr 6

So we’re not going to talk about that amazing ‘The Weeknd - Wicked Games’ cover at the party?

Sep 4

Same! That’s how I found this post actually. Your dashboard is mine now.

Aug 15

God fucking damnit! Stop expanding the league you greedy bastards. You’re diluting your own product that’s already a watered down version of what you want it to be. The only way a rapid expansion can be justified is if they implemented a relegation program, but they have already said they don’t want to do that. The Read more

Jul 18

 I don’t understand. They are people that look like cats, not cats that look like people? And they are the size of cats that live in a people sized world? Why do they need to be cats? Or why not be full cats?

Jul 17 2019

Tarantino, no one believes you’re going to just retire after 10 movies.

Jun 25 2019

WHAT?! A team that desperately needs shooting wants to sign the player that’s made the 13th most 3 pointers in NBA history? Dats crazy.

Jun 20 2019

To be fair...this is how the Heat won 2 championships.

Jun 4 2019

GoPro is screwed. They JUST got back into the black after moving their factories to Mexico, to avoid tariffs in China. Now they have to deal with Trump tariffs on Mexico. It’s much easier for a company the size of DJI to eat those tariffs than GoPro.

Apr 29 2019

Warriors blew a 3-1 lead. KD also blew a 3-1 lead that same year.

Apr 22 2019

NOVA. I don’t care which one, but Thanos destroying Xandar already sets up Nova’s story. Let’s get Nova + Captain Marvel + Guardians vs. Annihilus.